Your setups


Props on the DP4 :raised_hands:


Yeah love it, I use it with the akai mfc 42 filter.


She said, “Will you fix that bloody kitchen shelf today!”.
She’s going to kill me…

with added felt strips for superior comfort…


I don’t understand why no one in the world makes synth stands like this, so simple, and yet doesn’t exist to purchase!


Made my day - thanks, man :ecstatic:


Oto Machines BOUM and Pittsburgh Modular SV-1 joined the party ! Still waiting for the Conductive Labs NDLR and it will be perfect :slight_smile:


Very nice use of real estate.



Thanks. Have to deal with the lack of space …


Mk2 setup


Very nice!

May I ask what stands are you using for the RYTM/A4?


that studio


Sorry, colour blind here, this is the first time it’s become apparent, does the MK2 Octatrack match the other MK2 machines in colour?
I thought the OT was darker…


Recently got my Polar back after loaning it. Felt like coming home. Still love mine so much!


did you have the chance to compare the boum to heat?


How are you liking the Minotaur compact?
Been seriously thinking about getting one lately.
But in that price range I cant decide which would be a better choice, 0-Coast or the Minotaur.


No unfortunately. I choose BOUM because I really like BIM and BAM but maybe I will go for an AH later. I have to test it deeper.


You know, I use pictures like this to encourage my girlfriend to consider my pursuit of gear as acceptable.
Cheers for the breathing space


Yes I really like the minitaur. It is almost a part of all my tracks. Very straightforward for bass, great sound IMO.

0-coast is very different. More versatile with endless sonic possibilities but also more complex. Personaly, I 'm not a huge fan of its oscillators (that’s why I bought a SV-1) but all the modulation features are genious.

Considering the sound, I will choose the minitaur but you will create more sounds range with the 0-coast.


That’s why I’m single ^^ Just kidding, I have to fight every day like you :wink: