Your setups


Pulled my main synth out of the way and packed it up so I could try to focus on two discrete setups that happen to fit in its place. A friend of mine keeps nudging me to more fully develop some ideas that require only the Octatrack. I haven’t played a solo set on the OT alone in a long while, but I may try it again this winter/spring if I can stay on target.

The other setup is a smaller synth case that is intended to be very focused on small group improv and be decidedly more responsive/gestural with that end in mind. I also have the ES8 in there, so I can go back to developing my granular sampler/spectral filter patch I’ve tinkered with a year or more ago. A duo I do with a sound pal named Tim Barnes called mAAs may be revived using this setup and a duo with my friend Jim Marlowe from a weirdo punk band called Tropical Trash on horn may also be explored since we’re both into Braxton and his duos with Richard Teitelbaum. His interest in jazz is deep and, if nothing else, hope that I can nudge him back to more horn playing while he’s not shredding on guitar :slight_smile:


Things have…um… escalated a bit…


If you fit a motor you could remote control this round a venue having the audience tap in a drum pattern or baseline, move to next group. By the time it gets back your work is done, have someone bring you your cape and knee slide stage right.


Your dog seems to think your setup is perfectly chill. :+1:


Thumbs up for the dog and the only pair of headphones that seems to fit my fat head.


Chances are they’d do a better job of programming than me.


:laughing: looks like a photo advert for analogue solutions gear, rather than a studio!


Beware it’s addictive stuff! I started out with a Treadstone in January and look where I am now. Need to go to rehab :smile:


Fortunately for you, the 7506/V6 are still great cans! Mine have lasted at least a decade each thanks to metal parts where they matter the most.


I’ve embraced the dark side and started dabbling with stringed instruments. It started innocently with a 60€ cheapo bass guitar, but then a friend offered me a Squier Strat for 50€ and I was hooked. The latest acquisition is the Boss SY-300 guitar synthesizer which is a lot of fun. Maybe not a great synth but a really fun way to add interesting things to bland guitar/bass. And it syncs to midi clock so it’s good fun to play guitar(synth) along to some Machinedrum beats etc. I got it for exceptionally cheap too.

Also bought a huge second hand amp for my guitars. It is getting out of hand.


Clothed :

Fully naked (NSFW) :


Nice. What Eurorack Case is that?


It is a MLDR case. Excellent build quality, loads of power headers. It’s pretty heavy when loaded but it’s manageable. I use to take the subway with my 7u Intellijel… with this one, not so much :slight_smile:


Im redoing my setup so have have a gear tetris challenge to make everything a little more compact so i can add another 6 19” units.



Sexy and sleek. The way your Juno looks is amazing


I’d be willing to hang onto that Engine for you if it’s getting in the way


Many thanks. It’s a streamlined set up but everything I need is in there! All the essentials.



One critique…you are seriously messing with your monitors sound, putting them in cubbies like that.

But it looks sweet. :slight_smile:


Yep, terrible monitor placement. I only use it to sketch material. When I’m done I tend to mixdown elsewhere.