Your setups


It’s about coffee table height and my sofa’s pretty low so it feels ok. I can also sit on the floor and play, or in the garden. Or anywhere within reach of a power supply…


It’s a 000-28VS. I got it used for a good price. Perfect acoustic for me. 12 frets to body with long scale neck so it’s quite punchy. I’m a finger picker more than strummer which suits this model. Slotted headstock I really like and pairs with my classical. Very comfortable to play. Has a soft V neck which isn’t for everyone but I don’t even notice it now. It’s far and away the best sounding acoustic I’ve played. Tried a lowden the same day at almost four times the price and preferred the Martin.
My gadget problem is more than matched by my guitar problem.


Temple Audio boards have these adhesive plates that you stick to the back of your pedals / gear. They have a thumb screw (the black ones, one near the right-most power plug, and one out in open space). Due to the rubber feet on the DT/DN, the plates aren’t flush with the board. I wasn’t satisfied with how well they were held in place, so I found some M4 x 10mm thumb-screws (the round, copper-colored bits) on amazon and used one in the VESA mounts on the back of the boxes. I was planning on just using 4 in each box, but, amazingly, the perforations don’t match up to the 100x100 mm pattern that is VESA mounts. I might even contact Temple Audio and let them know, in case they ever feel like revising their design.

So far, I only transport it from our spare bedroom to the couch in the living room, but that’s all I need for now. It’s made of aluminum, so it’s actually lightweight. I’ll post a couple more pictures soon, or a video, with some details.

As for those cables, they are labelled “George L’s” and came with the Digitone as a throw-in from a user on this forum. I haven’t looked up the company yet, but they are nice, flexible and look cool. I’m set on cables for now, otherwise I’d definitely pick a few more up.



Now the family is complete. Hope this one will pass the test like BIM and BAM.


Made some changes to the sheds layout:

And the test song to make sure alls synced and good:


Wish they’d do bim & bam in Eurorack format.


This is so cool
It’s like something I would talk about doing, but not do it


I’ve a tendency to go all in when I do something. Not always a good thing though: :smile:

But in this case I feel i’m getting full use of all the gear as it is such a versatile setup up with so many different ways for everything to connect and interact. Really enjoying it.

Here’s the view from the captains seat:

I moved the desks back and repositioned the monitors(though Mrs P was not best impressed when she noticed I had taken a load of her cook books :smile: ) I’ve also made a bit more use of the Freebie copy of Izotope 8 Elements I acquired recently in order to improve the sound and give more clarity for those that listen on phones and tablets.

Really want a Qu32 mixer next but that will have to wait for a bit as sadly I don’t have a money tree in my garden.


Eurorack is not the Oto Machines philosophy I’m afraid :confused:


Quite a lot of pretty knobs, but…no Elektron gear?

*checks to make sure I’m in the right place


Nope right place, the Overhub is just out of shot, very useful speedy uSB device that it is :slight_smile:
I’ll include it in the next pic so you feel more at home :slight_smile:

•being diplomatic to disguise what I really want to say

To clarify this post the phrase I used is a term of endearment in Northern Ireland. So I was neither suggesting anyone was obese or male in appearance.

Perhaps some of my Northern Ireland compatriots will confirm this


Doing some sound design on the Blofeld for the Waldorf shop whilst waiting for the Quantum to arrive.
Quite like this little setup for now.


Hello guys, this is my setup


This would be an incredibly productive set up for me.


no interuptions ever


Note to self not to buy gear from you :joy:


Exploring an entirely new dimension of “farty acid sounds”?


I’m proud of our civilization


haha I bet everyone thought this thread peaked with all those walls of modular a few weeks ago. how wrong we were.


I verified every piece of gear before I even SAW that toilet. Wow.