Your setups


My setup got dressed and is ready to go clubbing :headphones:


A bit of a re-shuffle to get the Pulse 2 involved:

Under the desk there’s an Eve Audio sub woofer :wink:


Is it custom case or stock case ? I m so interested to do the same with my DT+DN


Custom Thomann case. 45x10x30. Black finish, detachable cover. (


Nice to see a Fusion Box ! How do you like it ? Do you have any sound exemple ? Nice modular setup by the way.


Things were once like this :

But they turned like this :

No gas remaining…A lifetime to learn without gear lust… :stuck_out_tongue:


That G2 alone…


Well, the cablework is just a plain mess, but everytime i sit down to work on it i somehow end up jamming along.

GAS remains silent atm, but who knows.

Some gear is stowed away (eg DN which is up for grabs here in the forum) as real estate really is an issue here :slight_smile:


Hi, I like the Fusion box, but it’s not the easiest thing to work with. The sounds you feed it effect it in different ways so you have to be selective what you put through it.

I don’t have any demo sounds right now but maybe in the next few weeks.


Need to step up your gear game, bro. Kinda slackin’ over there.


Well, after all these trial-and-errors I ended up sticking to the very basic setup: a bit of analogue (BS2), a bit of digital (DN), and a sampler/drum machine (DT) to be the master. And when the main course is not enough, for the desert I might have some fun with pocket operators, or play either guitar or Novation Circuit (not shown) or Reaktor 6 ensembles.


Nice colours in that second picture!


I’ve been working on a setup for the small boxes using a Temple board Duo17. It’s not quite done yet, but thought I’d share. The one surprising thing is how the perforations don’t line up well to the VESA 100x100 mounting holes in the DT/DN. It’s not perfect, but I think it will do what I need it to do. i.e. be a portable setup were I just need to plug in one cable to the wall and power up.


Cool. Are the elektrons attached to the board in any way? How do you transport it? And what are those awesome-looking audio cables?


Couldn’t agree more. My ‘new’ 2004 Martin on the right. Smells like victory.




It"s been a long time since I’ve seen a 256. Pretty rad.


What’s the model name of that Martin?


This whole “make music flexible” thing is getting out of hand. A quick trip to IKEA and this…

Has turned into this…

All I need now is a zoom h5 and I’ve got a fully mobile performance and recording studio.


Rite on.
Have you sat down yet with that new setup? From that angle it looks like you’ll get a lot of hunch back fatigue.
But if it was very affordable that’s a good find.
Might get something similar.