Your setups



Thank you very much. I’m glad you feel it.


Hallo, so I’ve been spending more and more time here reading and I thought it was about time to start contributing more and getting involved in the general chit-chat. So, to introduce myself, my name’s John, I’m a 41 year old brunette scorpio who enjoys long walks on the beach and frequency modulation. Anyway, this is my current setup… it took me a long, long time to realise that I was wasting too much time trying to get everything setup in a hideously complex and flexible configuration that was a dead cert to leave me confused, unsure of what synth went into what channel and baffled as to where the ground hum is coming from.

I tend to use a limited and specific set of stuff for any given chunk of music I’m working on and for the current “live in studio, live as it happens, live in the studio live” EP with my pal the Microgranny and Anushri aren’t being used. It’s just DT, MnM and he’s using my A4 that’s been on a lenghty loan to him (plus some bonus Plogue PortaFM, so not entirely hardware). But we’re almost done, so I’m getting excited about what to go with next…


I don’t understand how such an integral piece of gear was left out.


This continues to be one of, if not my favorite thread on the internet


The new to me OT on the bench.


Batter Up! :baseball:


DN is on deck



ordering that DIY kit right now! sweet!!!

couple that with the Lyra-8 and I’ll really be cooking up a brew nobody but me wants.


Good werk there buddy!


The infinite beauty of perfect cable length and the absence of power adapters. :slight_smile:

My holiday-setup when the trinity is home alone.




Should add the Koma Fieldkit to the party then :wink:


Sorry but what you does your reply means?
The box I’m playing/using is 100% done by me is not a DIY kit by soundbox


Hey everyone! New member here. I’ve been lurking for quite some time and after reading a lot and watching loads of video’s on youtube I finally got a Digitone and Digitakt in the last few months. Really enjoying them so I thought I’d might as well join you guys here. I make music in a small section of my livingroom, looks like this.

As you can see I like effectpedals and only have room for a few machines when I’m working on new stuff. But minimalistic setups work for me so I’m happy :slight_smile: Missing in this picture are my MPC1000, Microbrute, Keystep and Fostex 4-track taperecorder.


It’s means nothing. I understand that you build your own one. It’s an another example. :smiley:


Ok I see, I know that device, I was tempted to buy it, but since it’s so simple to recreate I decided to do it my self. :wink:


Nice! What’s your battery solution?


Hi, I’m new. :slight_smile:

Just grabbed a DN (first Elektron box) and am simply blown away by the sounds and possibilities.

I work from home, and it can be really hard to get anything done knowing that this is right behind me:

Still trying to figure out how I want things to work together, but having lots of fun in the meantime. Got rid of several larger keyboard synths this year and have been really happy working at a desk setup – lots more flexibility.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!