Your setups


Today’s festivities, meditating on Plonk > Clouds…


Sweet setup!!! :sunglasses: Definitely something similar to what I’d like to have in the not-to-distant future. Lots of Mutable Instruments modules. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks a lot! Yeah I’m so in love with MI, I started out intending to Pokemon that company but then there is so much quality out there it’s tough!
And now the new modules they’ve released :disappointed_relieved:
Need more space (in suitable zombie drawl).


Great idea in the world without cables :slight_smile: :zap:



I am interested by the motu for its portability and DSP effects.
Did you gave the integrated compressor, EQ and reverb a try? How is it?
With the new iPad app controlling the unit, the iPad/UltraLite seems like an interesting combo!


Great picture! Do you control the tracks volume of the OT with the faderfox?


Thanks. Yes, I do and also control the DT and DN tracks.


Great video. I like the mixture of beats and ambient sounds. What kind of ambient machine (the wood box) is it exactly? Have you built it yourself?


Had to put these in a collage… not enough space to use all my gear at one but here’s a few bits of my gear, and YES I love Nords hence I have 2 lol… latest additions are the DT & DN



Been happy with my two Elektrons (OT and A4) plus Korg Volca beats and Make Noise 0-coast so far. Does everything I need in small table top desk space.


I like how you got the synthesiser setup to play when you get in from the pub.


Nice Nords, not seem them Emus for a while either, romtastic!
My brother gave me his Virtuoso expanded with XLead and World Expedition, apparently the first module with surround sound…
Just missing that beats mode which is a great laugh…
Years back he had that 2500 mega rack monster, remember the sequencer being quite fun and very quick, 32 channels too! Oh yes…


Love the Orbit 3 and the Roland MVS-1… Nords are absolutely fab IMO… but then I always loved my Waldorf synths, Blofeld and Pulse 2 (did the factory presets for that one(



Oh mate, the MVS-1 yeah, quality module, built like a T-34 and full of great sounds, and not full of illegal samples like the MDC :joy:

Love Nord too, supadupa!!!


I’d apply a paternoster lift type system so it continually rotates and you have to jump from level to level as it rotates.


Thanks bro.
I’m Glad that you like it …The wood box i made it my self… was very easy … just 3 contact mics inside a wood box … then you can put there anything that will make sound when touched…
I used springs and metal pieces … nothing new actually… but love the sound when processed with a lot of reverb and delay…


By the way here is a video clip where I use it a lot and also I use a cactus and it’s ekectric impulses to control an Analog Keys… from the beginning to the end.
Hope you like it…


Just transformed my seating desk into a standing one …

So much better to create/feel music


My portable rig from yesterday’s jam. The go mixer monitor output routed to Maschine mk3 inputs.
Roland go mixer pro


This is amazing!