Your setups


Been lurking here for ages and finally decided to contribute. Thank you everyone for the inspiration!

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So many awesome setups on here! Been lurking for a few years on Elektronauts, so here’s my modest setup finally. I like everything to be within reach, though my Roland is off in no man’s land. It’s okay, it is only used for a midi keyboard occasionally. Been rearranging so most of my gear is not connected, the Digitone / Machinedrum has been taking up most of my attention currently.

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Those 2 posters are to die for.


My live set up for gigs.


That is one HOT Lyra!


daaaaaaaammnnn, I want to go to a show where you’re playing!


thanks :pray:… I will play in Barcelona, Madrid and Sierra Nevada In October and November… if you are near lt would be great to meet there.
This is what I’m currently doing in case you wonder what type of music is it


Franz Liszt’s 19th century setup:

“Built by Bösendorfer as a gift to Liszt. I believe it now lives at the Liszt museum in Budapest, but was originally used while living in Rome as an Abbé - his small room wasn’t big enough for a piano!”

Credits go to u/oldmancabbage over at reddit.


Thanks! I do really love em. I have a sweet Tycho poster as well. I’m waiting on a poster frame for it though. Will help round out the room a little more.


Even Liszt had an Arturia Keystep.


Idea - revolver stand:

Just thought of this contraption after I again got annoyed by not being able to compose in the center between my monitors.
I just have three synths, but they’re spread across the studio, so I never have a nice stereo sound, since one monitor is always closer.

The concept itself isn’t new - there are underground car parks like that.
Obviously cabling would be tricky, but then again you’d have to rotate max half a revolution to get to the desired synth.
On top of always being able to compose in the stereo center, this approach would save some serious space. B-)
How would you improve this idea or develop it further?


there’s not really a need to compose or even track in stereo, much less to be in the exact sweet spot between your monitors. synths aren’t really stereo, only their effects are. or their voices are panned to specific sides.

in other words: it’d be a lot simpler and cheaper to just write in mono, and worry about stereo when you’re mixing.

cool drawing though! :smiley:


Hey! Nice Setup, what stand do you use for the A4?


this is what i’m currently working with, in my basement. sadly all powered down.


Apologies I wasn’t sufficiently clear, and misused “stereo”. What I meant was: it’d be sweet if I could always sit in the monitors’ center.


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and a flamingo!


There are underground car parks like that? Wow, I’ve learned something today. Any in the UK do you know?


this came to mind, but it’s Germany:


I like your drawing but unless you’re standing wouldn’t it also take up serious space where your knees and legs would need to go?