Your setups


His previous computer, a 2006 Mac Pro, is still running and in occasional use in my studio. :wink:


With the 8", no sub is needed and until your room is not bigger than 35-40sqm, one could easily host a small party with these.
I use them for our yearly buddy weekend where the boys pile up synths and stuff for a weekend, they never let me down.


My setup from a recent sampling session. Octatrack is pictured but I was actually sampling into the Digitakt. So much timbral variety from the one sample I recorded.


You sampled the bong I hope, in your lungs AND digitakt


Of course… got to get those bubbly percussive sounds from somewhere!


How about adding one level first?
I built a simple yet sturdy one on top of a large table using a plank rested on two solid-metal laptop stands with a rubber layer in between.


Just traded it for a great bottle of bourbon. Not having to pack it up or deal with Craigslist scammers was a big consideration.


Awesome, I have been spending way too much time looking for a desk lately, to no avail. This guy looks perfect. Is the back open same as the front?


Not much space living on campus so I put the montage in storage and just brought the mK with me. But then I picked up a few more things to go with it.

Scuse the mess, everything’s a wee bit chaotic at the moment.


No there is a really thin wooden board in the back, borrowed a big was drill from father and made 4 holes to be able to draw the cables


I can only play the drums during the day on the weekends. So I usually do everything at the desk. I try to create everything and do all the boring stuff, like bouncing samples/loops and midi assignments, at night so for the little bit of time I have on the

weekends I can play. Tried to take some video on Friday but camera tripod broke… T _ T


Here’s my brand new live setup in video form. Missing from camera angle: DSI Tetra and mixer. It’s such an amazing experience! Love it!

Digitone with midi going to PreenFM2 (FM Universe!!!)
Digitakt with midi going to Minitaur and DSI Tetra
Balanced FM and Analog! :slight_smile:


Here’s another angle but with keyboard…


Stripping it right back down to a Nord G2 Engine (expanded) into the Analogue Heat.
Today at least :clown_face:

EDIT (after 1 like)
When you fire up an old patch/performance and wonder how the f*%k you made it way back when…


A lack of space at home / too many children means I’ve been relegated to my office so things are pretty minimal - just the two Analogs plugged one into the other and directly into our Naim MuSo.


Use to have a PreenFM, it’s a great FM synth module, I really miss it. Multi-timbral too if I remember correctly. Nice set up! :thup:


Wow… as a drummer I love your studio!


just my 2 cents:

Just for your scientific information:
Pulse2, Blofeld, Digitakt, Digitone, GFI Systems Specular Tempus, Akai MPK 225, Squarp Pyramid, iconnectivity MIDI 4+, Zoom R8 and Phonic MU1822x, DAWless setup (just suits my workflow, nothing against DAW :))

PS: wooden stands were build by a good friend of mine, thank you Mättes :)!


This soo much! Gotta reverse engineer my own damn patches


Ahaha too funny dude.