Your setups


The company where I ordered the stainless steel tubing sent me the wrong size tubes on one of my orders and now they are out of stock(aluminum and steel tariffs anyone?). I’m waiting on stainless steel tubing (expensive) now. Otherwise it’s basically ready to be put together.


What working dimensions will it have?
I’m really into getting a 2.5d CNC but don’t want to spend a fortune, so looking for alternatives. This one looks promising!


Lowrider CNC will be 4’ x 8’. Not insanely accurate but good enough as a full sheet cutout machine(parts for a music desk for example).

If you only need something smaller, like a 20” workspace the MPCNC would be a better choice. More rigid and accurate for detailed work.
I’ve built both so feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

All the info for both machines can be found here.


Nice setup…I spy an ESQ-1. :thup:


i’m a glutton for punishment


Put this duo together this evening.
The battery on the right has 240v output so both boxes plug in using their mains adapters and are powered for a few hours at a time.
With twin babies in the house I can pull this out when I have a moment and have a quick jam. Great fun :grinning:


I remember those days, now twin teenagers about to drive. I was mostly tied to the acoustic guitar just for the simplicity factor. Looks great and easily fired up.


Been seriously considering the X-Touch myself. I have the XR-18, which is completely brilliant, and whilst I’m generally happy with the iPad app I do think it would be nice to have something more tactile at times too.

How much setup is needed with the X-Touch and the mixer, is it pretty much plug & play?


it’s super plug and play. Just connect the Lan cable and set the ip-adress - very easy.
But i have to say that i sold it in the meantime, because i hated the faders… as much as i loved the x18/xr18 with his great features for a raletively low price, i hated the cheap feel of the x-touch. For example if you build a stereo-pair and move one fader, the second fade that follows, is kind oft stuttering abd has not a fluid movement.
second reason for selling it: if you have this combo, somehow sooner or later you begin to ask yourself why not getting a proper (digital) mixer.


Hahaha, I didn’t even notice that, I do have two strymon pedals, just not marked by a sticker.


Latest version. Mixer is a Soundcraft Signature MTK12 which is a 14out/12in interface for my iPad. Has enough Rrouting possibilities for OT sampling and for the A4/RTYM FX.


I would only be able to produce s y n t h w a v e with that lighting.


Fun setup I put together while wife and kids abandoned me for vacation.


Lol hell yeah! XD


My beautiful son.


Dat red…


Holiday setup, actually a Manther I simply bought after testing it while visiting Modularsquare in Paris. Couldn’t resist!
It lacks Some low end / ooumf on the headphones output but otherwise a lovely machine that sounds great and is a good companion for comfy carpet noodling.


Just a thought,
Why not put the keyboard in front of the MKII’s,
slide the OT to the right, move the iPad left of the OT,
Soundcraft to the left of everything.
Then all of it would be right there in front of you.


Just curious. What brand/model are those speakers/monitors?


yeah :slight_smile: i kinda had it like you are describing it. And the keyboard WAS in front of the MK2s - you can see it in my previous posts. The big problem of having the keyboard in front of the MKs is that i was constantly pressing keys with my forearms/elbows while working on the elektrons… To avoid that i should move the mk2s more to the back, but then they are too far away to work comfortably …
i’m rearranging everything every other week but i’m not able to find the perfect solution.
Probably a slide out keyboard under the table would be perfect. Now i now why so many studio tables are built like this :slight_smile: