Your setups


Be careful and please note that the ipad mini is a bit to big and a small part (a few millimeters) of the screen is covered by the eurorack front rails. I personally don’t care, because i use just that mixing app on it (the ipad mini 1 is to slow for many other music production apps anyway)
Just wanted to make that point clear to y’all, to avoid that someone is going to kill me because of that bad advice :wink:


how is the qupac ? looks great, but i found it a bit too expensive, after the trinity purchase :wink:


I set everything up tpday, including completely recabeling EVRYTHING. Including labeling both ends of EVERY cable.
Now everything can be freely routet, enough submixes, aux outs, just great.
Roundtrip is blazing fast just above 1ms, the dynamics are very usable, the 4PEQ soooooo cool.

Can really recommend it. Fully usable without phone or tablet but for initial setup it is really nice to have one. Theres a third party app for android devices, works great and is free.

The Pac is sturdy, not too heavy, ugly and well build. Get one :wink:


Thanks! But is it also a 16/12 in/out audio interface or just a mixer with one stereomix- usb-stream ? And in case it is also a interface: do you by any chance know if it is class compliant and therefore working on the ipad „audio-wise“?

In my behringer i miss the hardware faders a bit, so maybe if i‘m going to spend 1500 bucks for the a&h, i think i would rather go for the qu16 full mixer -given the fact that it has got the same identical features as the QuPac.


Alles gegoogelt - war nur zu faul :wink: thanks for your reply!


qu-pac is great and really comes to life with an iPad.

i have no gripes about my qu-pac. after I learned it, that is. lots of gripes at first. it’s a complex box


32/32, yes. And onboard multitracking for your recording needs. “Only” on 18 channels, though.



Oh snap what’s that white box. That thing looks SIICK


The mess I am in at the moment

// Actually thinking of setting up a Soundcloud (or alternative) to share rough/unmixed/unprocessed jamming. On the other hand: I am not sure, this would take away time from the jamming itself and time is precious.


Was looking for some photos today and found these, my very first step into modular in 2016…
And a w4nky art version too :joy:

That was a nice little 84…



Spacious capacious!

I could see the Beasties in there! (R.I.P)
Wait, you aren’t Mario Caldatto are you?




Thanks, Elektron and friends are in the room next door, had to choose the ingredients for the day… :wink:

Still not moved yet, November, I hope!


Salvaged an old suitcase and turned it into a bloop laboratory!


You certainly did!


Summer visits died down so the guest room goes back to being my studio for a month. Took a picture of the family before moving stuff back in.


Is that a wrap or overlay on the Rytm? Did you make it yourself?


It’s a wrap from styleflip, you can customize to your hearts desire!