Your setups


Salvaged an old suitcase and turned it into a bloop laboratory!


You certainly did!


Summer visits died down so the guest room goes back to being my studio for a month. Took a picture of the family before moving stuff back in.


Is that a wrap or overlay on the Rytm? Did you make it yourself?


It’s a wrap from styleflip, you can customize to your hearts desire!


Oh cool, I didn’t realize they did Elektron boxes.


Love the Big Muff


Nice setup! :thup: Love that DSI Prophet :sunglasses:


I like big muffs and I can not lie


I hope you read that piano manual really well before you started playing it.


You mean my wife’s piano that serves as my giant midi controller :upside_down_face::smile:

I can play some chords and scales and have basic music knowledge but those real keys are for my wife’s musical exploration. Happy we replaced the old piano though, this one has a silent midi mode, perfect for me (and the neighbours) most of the time, if I can free up the time for it in the future I would love take weekly piano lessons. We live and learn.

I love manuals, especially Moog manuals.


This has been my favorite muff, the whicker adds a top end sparkle that lets you go darker with the tone than you normally would.




Still have the NY model but yeah, whicker Sounds great.


no OP1 anymore?


Made a few additions to the set-up today.

Added 2 more oberkorns (black), 1 more Nyborg 24, an additional Telemark desktop and a Telemark Keys.

Nothings connected up yet, they are just set there until I decide what the best layout is.

I plan to get a few racks and build upwards for ease of use.

And some Oberkorn and Megacity action:

So getting closer to the plan to build songs entirely from Analogue Sequencers.

Awaiting on a few more things to be built so I’ll update as they arrive.


Wow! I’ve never heard of any of those synths. Don’t even know how you make music with those either!


Ha ha, with a bit of difficulty, the Oberkorns are not quantized so you have to tune the sound by ear, then there’s a spaghetti junction of wires to navigate. It’s loads of fun though and the songs kind of just evolve by playing about.


That’s an awesome setup, you should be street performing with this :wink:


Thank you! I’m planning on doing a roadtrip in August and busking along the way. So far i’ve only taken it out to the forest near my house.