Your setups


And kicks! I used to own the hardware unit, many years ago.

Re: A vs N, just depends on what sound I want. I have both. Use A more for snares and N more for things that are sounding too thin or flat.


Ok im sold!

A great comparison between the Omega A and N if anyone else browses this exchange.

Also 50% off for a week…


I’ll take the old desk off your hands when you complete the new one :slight_smile:


not sure, but i think it’s an african table. got it for free when i bought a couch used from this guy :slight_smile:


Got a couple videos on facebook, a lot of old stuff on (though most of those tunes are hidden since I’ve stopped my pro account a few years back…) and mixes on :wink:

Uploading a video of a jam from the livingroom table atm, will hit u up once it’s arrived safely. :slight_smile:


me in my studio in Dresden.

not on the pic: Dfam, Digitone, Xoxbox, Adam Audio Sub10mk2


Ha…You and me both


New space, new set up. The unholy trinity…


What kind of mixer is this, the white one.


It’s not a mixer, but LYRA-8 drone synth :slight_smile:


ah I thought I was going to find out about a dope lite mixer


As said above its a Lyra 8.
The TR, OT and Lyra are the three intstruments I have chosen for the techno project I have been working for some time. If someone had told me 5 years ago I would end up making techno I would have laughed.
However, here I am, drum machine, sampler and strange russian synth on the desk and I love it!
(ps my mixer is out of shot. I have a little Allen and Heath z10)


I dig your Virus. :nerd_face:


Virus A :slight_smile:


I’m using a pedalboard that’s approx 2.5ft x 3.5ft that has my AR2, A4, Moog Minitaur, and a few pedals on it. I’m trying to find a good stand/table solution for live shows. I don’t want to do a keyboard X brace stand, as I don’t trust that the pedalboard won’t get knocked off of it, and I don’t want one of those cheezy white folding picnic tables either. I need something strong, safe, and portable that looks decent.

Any suggestions?




Vacation Setup:


i use the behringer x18 as stagebox/interface/mixer and as i didn’t want to buy a big controller or connect my big main work-ipad for every quick jam, i’ve found out that the old ipad mini fits ALMOST perfectly in the eurorack case. So i got one from ebay for 60 bucks, mounted it inside the case and now i have a dedicated small touch interface for all the routing and mixing :wink:


Nice setup! :clap: I’m shooting for something similar :ok_hand:


Just found an iPad mini 64GB for 50 bucks. QuPac waits for it.
Nice setup!