Your setups




its from a company called temple audio. they have many different sizes and configuration, what i did was lay out my gear exactly how i wanted it, measure and then found what fit it.
it’s pretty portable, i plan on gigging it so i wanted to cut down any cabling, etc. all i have is one extension chord sticking out the side, so i unplug it and carry it around the house easily. if you want to splurge they have a ton of different attachments, main power out, audio in and outs, midi, lights, etc. but it can get pretty expensive. as it is this more expensive than comparable pedal train setups.


Thought I would peruse the Kush plug ins as I hadn’t heard of them before… and wow! Such beautiful colouration.

They also have a sale on atm so i’m trying to figure out which ones to pick up. So far the 458a and Electra EQ are calling to me. Any others you recommend?


REDDI and Omega N



You are using REDDI on your bass lines?

Also what drives your choices between the Omega A and N?


And kicks! I used to own the hardware unit, many years ago.

Re: A vs N, just depends on what sound I want. I have both. Use A more for snares and N more for things that are sounding too thin or flat.


Ok im sold!

A great comparison between the Omega A and N if anyone else browses this exchange.

Also 50% off for a week…


I’ll take the old desk off your hands when you complete the new one :slight_smile:


not sure, but i think it’s an african table. got it for free when i bought a couch used from this guy :slight_smile:


Got a couple videos on facebook, a lot of old stuff on (though most of those tunes are hidden since I’ve stopped my pro account a few years back…) and mixes on :wink:

Uploading a video of a jam from the livingroom table atm, will hit u up once it’s arrived safely. :slight_smile:


me in my studio in Dresden.

not on the pic: Dfam, Digitone, Xoxbox, Adam Audio Sub10mk2


Ha…You and me both


New space, new set up. The unholy trinity…


What kind of mixer is this, the white one.


It’s not a mixer, but LYRA-8 drone synth :slight_smile:


ah I thought I was going to find out about a dope lite mixer


As said above its a Lyra 8.
The TR, OT and Lyra are the three intstruments I have chosen for the techno project I have been working for some time. If someone had told me 5 years ago I would end up making techno I would have laughed.
However, here I am, drum machine, sampler and strange russian synth on the desk and I love it!
(ps my mixer is out of shot. I have a little Allen and Heath z10)


I dig your Virus. :nerd_face:


Virus A :slight_smile:


I’m using a pedalboard that’s approx 2.5ft x 3.5ft that has my AR2, A4, Moog Minitaur, and a few pedals on it. I’m trying to find a good stand/table solution for live shows. I don’t want to do a keyboard X brace stand, as I don’t trust that the pedalboard won’t get knocked off of it, and I don’t want one of those cheezy white folding picnic tables either. I need something strong, safe, and portable that looks decent.

Any suggestions?