Your setups


Tascam US-16x08?
How is it? Curious about the round trip latency, stability at low buffers.


Only had it for a week. Haven’t tried recording anything yet. Bought it second hand and I wish it had 16 line ins instead of 8 mic preamps and 8 lines. Would suit me a lot better, but maybe I’ll start singing or something.


You can feed line level inputs in the XLR jacks. They are combo mic/line. Just keep the gain down and you should be good.


But I really hope this doesn’t curb your singing career. :wink:
Follow your dreams!


Some new stuff arrived today, going a bit more traditional analog so added 2 White Oberkorn Sequencers and a Megacity Sequencer. Have an Analogue Solutions Polymath and Telemark on the way soon also :slight_smile:

Few other bits and pieces to add over the next couple of months to realise the idea of fully analog sequenced songs :slight_smile:


Glad you kept your B+G SS :wink:


I have come close to selling it a few times but feel it has to stay now as it has features I’ll need now I’ve changed style of making music :slight_smile:


That B+G System has a lifetime of sound/technique/exploration.

It’s my lottery win number 1 purchase.

Glad you have found a way of working that incorporates it, that is a juicy juicy set up right there, and your planned additions will increase potential alarmingly!!! :joy::sneezing_face::joy::joy:
All the luck to you mate :smiley:



Sexy time!


which case are you using here?


you look great!


after long research I found it :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. That board / case with the handles is really cool. What is it? How hefty is that whole setup? Is it reasonably portable, or would you rather leave it parked as much as possible?



I like that painting in the background!




its from a company called temple audio. they have many different sizes and configuration, what i did was lay out my gear exactly how i wanted it, measure and then found what fit it.
it’s pretty portable, i plan on gigging it so i wanted to cut down any cabling, etc. all i have is one extension chord sticking out the side, so i unplug it and carry it around the house easily. if you want to splurge they have a ton of different attachments, main power out, audio in and outs, midi, lights, etc. but it can get pretty expensive. as it is this more expensive than comparable pedal train setups.


Thought I would peruse the Kush plug ins as I hadn’t heard of them before… and wow! Such beautiful colouration.

They also have a sale on atm so i’m trying to figure out which ones to pick up. So far the 458a and Electra EQ are calling to me. Any others you recommend?


REDDI and Omega N



You are using REDDI on your bass lines?

Also what drives your choices between the Omega A and N?