Your setups


Yes, it was post about “Me”. Because I believe that I can’t release music in production directly from my untreated room without proper mixing and mastering in treated room. Cheers :slight_smile:


Its the only way to make it sound good on my phone. :yum:


Do you have any spesific setting for arps for mother 32 or do you manually type in through m32’s cute keyboard?


Cable Management 101


Hacked ! But now you have to plug audio, midi, usb, wifi, bluetooth, ethernet, thunderbolt, lightning, firewire, scsi…:smile:


Looks like a cab I wired


Jammin’ at work today… this is the first time the three have jammed together.

(smoke shop… lots of downtime.)


Finally put together my move-around-the-house/gig board. Left some space as i want to keep it as light as possible.

Will be setting up my production hub/non moving parts next (synths, other fx pedals etc). The ju-06 goes into a fender amp sim pedal into the big sky then inputs a and b. When using a guitar i can just disconnect the cable going into the amp sim (which i left conveniently a bit loose). The ju-06 also has an audio input which is accesible.

The bossrev5 is setup as a aux send using the cue/c and d. Master out goes to the strymon deco.


Great setup. Streamlined and looks as it could take a beating.


Love the pedalboard solution… I was looking into those myself. So clean.


What’s the pedal with the flame?


Didn’t know anything about temple audio before last week. You purchase plates that stick on the pedals (2 large each for the ot and ju06) and can move around and screw on. No velcro. No mess. Only problem is i can’t use a keyboard stand without a shelf or something.


It’s a joyo American sound. A fender amp simulator. I painted it with an homage to the heat. :heat:
Thinking of repainting it black, switch knobs and add another design but feeling over with projects at the moment.


Are the devices screwed to the board? Looks really good…


Yeah. You stick plates to the back that lock and screw in. Like this:


Well now I want to see the rest of that pedal board!


Oh no, that last pic is just one i found on the net showing the plates that are used for securing


Instead of buying (as long i don’t know what i need/want) pointless Eurorack-stuff, i’ve completed the holy trinity :slight_smile:
Rest of the gear: Behringer stagebox/mixer under the table (18/18 in/out and onboard dsp), ipad with soft synths and mixer remote control, expressive touché for eurorack and rytm/a4 perfomances, iconnectivity midi-interface and the cme x-key keyboard which controls everything by changing the midi channel on the fly.
ps. OT is REALLY deep… i’m beginning to understand it, but sometimes i feel compmetely lost.



I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance as a kid so I’ve had a lifetime’s worth of GAS. Now I finally feel like I’ve gotten rid of it for good. Got a new 16 in/8 out interface recently and as I ran out of tablespace I decided to hang my Yamahas on the wall. I have one bald spot on the table above my computer keyboard and I’m filling it with a Digitone in december when we Finns get our tax returns, but other than that I’m really content on the stuff I have. In the future I’ll spend my synth money on sample/soundpacks and maybe some JV-expansion cards for my JV-2080 (not pictured).

”Everything in it’s right place”, said Thom Yorke.


Tour setup. Basically the same as studio setup… :slight_smile: