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Since we now have two kids I’ve more or less been kicked out of my studio-room as the bosslady has overtaken the space to sleep and feed the baby in. Thus the livingroom table has become my little spot. Bye bye OK monitoring, hello HiFi…

This is a earlier rendition of that table. Back when we had a heatwave earlier this june. Now we are back to normal rainy weather here in Rain City Central aka Bergen, Norway.

First post on this thread after years of lurking btw! This thread has caused me such GAS throughout…


Awesome track right there!


Thank you very much !



That’s a wonderful table. What kind of wood is this ?


On the occasions that I’ve had to exchange a defective unit, I always ask the vendor to make sure they exchange it with a brand new factory sealed unit. I think some vendors are just recirculating returned units (perhaps because they can’t duplicate the problem in the short time they “troubleshoot” it).


Would love to hear the music you make… You on the gram?


Everything is on the right place, with the correct degree to each other. My OCD is pleased!
awesome setup!


Yeah I reckon some retailers do that.
I think they know everyone has a different skill level and gamble that certain functions will be unused and may lead to undetected defects.

There was a shop in London years back that openly sold shoddy products. My brother had to return a unit due to a severe fault and the assistant, rather matter of factor stated ‘well, they’re all faulty’.
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The warm audio stuff all seems great.
If I ever could justify upgrading my studio gear I would definitely get a bunch of their stuff.
The tone beast pre amps are great, their comp and mic replicas all seem on point for quite a bit less than the originals. Def a cool company imo.


I’ve owned a few things of theirs and liked them all. Their EQP-WA is my favorite, as I’ve stated here before. I bought one and ordered a second within minutes of hearing the first. I also still have their WA-76. The meter is a bit finicky, but the sound is great. I owned their WA-2A for a while and it was also excellent - I only sold it because I had to make room in my rack for something I wanted more.

Support is top notch, with replies often coming from the owner of the company himself. Very cool.


Single people
Single woman = cat lady
Single man = modular dude


You guessed it!
Turkey more like :rofl:


The dark side of GAS. :wink:
A cautionary tale.

  • I wish I knew where this was from, a buddy from work sent it to me.


Lol — immediately thought it was the same shop!


My midsummer eve summer cottage setup. My Digitakt, my Zoom H2N and my craft beer. What else does one need?

Bought that small metal suitcase at a flea market years ago and never found any proper use for it. Today I tried if my Digitakt would fit and it was a match made in heaven. It’s an old but beautiful photography equipment case from Kodak.

Hopefully it’ll stop raining in the near future, would really like to take my Digitakt to the hammock and fall asleep making beats. Have a good midsummer night everybody!


Your battle tech collection is nice too.


This is my current minimalistic setup.

Analog four mk2, Analog Rtym mk2, small Arturia Rackbrute with a Mutable Instruments Clouds clone. I think i’m going to fill it up with a Moog Mother 32, just to occupy the remaining rack space and don’t fall into modular g.a.s. ;))

Everything goes into the Behringer x18 “mixer” (AR/A4 individual outputs into it’s 16inputs) which is under the table, so all the cables are hidden.
The mixer, beside allowing latency-free jamming (and sounding great, despite being Behringer :wink: ) is an audio interface as well, which allows every kind of routing (a4/ar effects, clouds…) and i’m using it to feed some channels from/to the ipad for ios plug-ins/effects/softsynths. The Expression Touché controls the Performane modes of the Elektrons and the clouds via CV (quite cool) :slight_smile:
The Behringer X-touch is a bit of a plastic toy but it controls the mixer ‘hands on’ without the need of using the dedicated ipad mixer app and the mini colorcoded scribble-displays are very usefull (and the motorized faders for the scenes as well)

I still call it daw-less, because there is no daw involved and i don’t consider the ipad a computer, but rather a tool which can do tons of cool stuff. With the xkey37 i play the ipad synts and record live into the Elektron’s sequencers :slight_smile:


i think the mother32 would be a little redundant in that set up. just another analog voice. it’s cool adn sounds good and the sequencer is nice but you could add another flavor to your set up w/just a digital oscillator or complex oscillator. it would give you something not present there… unless you’re using the ipad for synth stuff to. there’s some good synth choices for th eipad these days…

but a used cylonix cyclebox II w/expander is around $350 if you look. add a make noise optomix and maths and you’ll have tons of sound design options. or something like a Piston Honda MKIII or wait for the hertz donut MKIII which will be out in a month or two… for morphing FM oscillator awesomeness. you could sequence it all from your A4.

you don’t have to fall into gas w/just that one row case. but smartly planned you can expand your sound design options and really add something special to the sound palette there.


man thank you, that’s a really good advice. somehow i was hoping that someone would come forward with an opinion regarding the planned mother32 purchase. I’m aware of the fact that buying a mother32 just for the sake of buying something “known” and to fill up the rack is stupid.
regarding ipad synths: i got a lot of them and i love them, but i’m not going to leave that huge rack space empty :wink: Therefore i will go down your suggested route (or a similar one) for sure. Thank for your time