Your setups


I just picked up the deco and I’m loving it too so far, its awesome for guitar and it works perfect with the octa and digitakt.

As an adat expansion for an interface it adds four above average preamps plus four extra line level inputs so you can add pre amps or use it like I’m using it now with my octa and tape machine taking up inputs 5-8. I got it for tracking drums at first but it’s so flexible I’m still coming up with ways to use it. If you have a small interface with an adat expansion jack it’s awesome and it can grow with you once you get a better interface or converters. I will say that I’m still looking to get one really nice pre or maybe a stereo pair but even after I get those I wouldn’t get rid of my 4-710d.


If you consider the 710 to be above average what pray tell is really nice? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I remember reading about that, and I guess there’s an obvious spot on the desk for a laptop.
It still seems a little odd to me that you would remove the laptop tho.
Otherwise I’m a little jelly of the wa compressor!
Or is that a UA one?


Ha I guess like a 1073 or something, like a main vocal pre. I also should say I got the 4-710d for $899 Canadian, it was a rental from a local music store. Price was so good I just couldn’t pass it up. Really not sure if I would have it if I had payed full price, it’s awesome but I’m not sure it’s worth almost $3000 Canadian.


I do use the laptop very often but since getting the octa I’ve been focusing on that so having no computer has been good for learning. Plus now I have room on my desk for a synth. I could by pass the preamps all together and plug the octa straight into the monitors but then if I wanted to do anything computer related I’d have to plug it all back up to the monitors. This is just the easiest way for me to learn the octa, record bass and guitar, some vocals here and there and everything else I want to do. Just bought a whole bunch of cables because I was sick of unplugging and plugging everything everytime I wanted to focus on different things. With my current set up I can do almost everything I want without having to set much up and it’s helped a lot, nothing kills creativity like taking 15 mins to route stuff properly.


Oh and it’s warm. Works really nice for the bass before sending it to the octa. Also really great for shaping drums and taming some vocals.


I also just picked this up for $90, excited to try it with the octa and some inserts for some dub.


Didn’t you have a Rytm Mk2? Whole setup looks different, did you sell some things?


Had 2 of them, both had issues, gave up. Got an Digitone. DOA out of box. Not happy with Elektron, thinking of ditching all Elektron boxes. I’ve had it. 3 dead boxes in 1 year. Not a good track record with the QA as far as I’m concerned. Testing seems NON EXISTENT with Elektron. Got an A4 though with no issues. I’m selling that one, in the classifieds. No issues with it, just not my thing.


Which dealer are you buying these Elektrons from?


That’s terrible. I hear about these dead Elektron items far too often. I got a Rytm Mk2 like 4 months ago and haven’t had any issues, I guess I’m lucky… For the price I’d be so pissed if I had the problems you’ve had. Maybe you should get a Tempest to spite Elektron, seems to be the only comparative drum machine in competition with the Rytm. It’s what I’d do if my Rytm took a shit. Can’t blame you for ditching Elektron completely, what have they had to say about all of your misfortune with their equipment?


I got 2 MKII RYTM’s from Sweetwater. One had one issue where I had to hold a pad to get it to boot. The second one they sent would restart intermittently. I mean what am I to do? I wasn’t going to chance a third one. I got a Digitone from American musical last week. DOA. It did finally boot after flicking on and off the power switch 800 times. The thing sounded amazing and I was stoked. Tried a reset, got an error. Tried a firmware upgrade (of the same latest firmware) and got an error. Next day same thing. On and off 800 times and this time I couldn’t get it to start again. I waited 4 months for the damn thing. Got another one coming and maybe this time I’ll luck out and it’ll work.

I loved the RYTM. The kick (analog) is the exact sound I’m after. I got a TR-8S now and I’m happy with it, but I miss beating pads. No issues with my OT MKII and no issues with my Digitakt. But 3 boxes with issues in one year? Come on. I have a buddy that got a RYTM MKII with a dead pad out of the box. I have had a s-ton of gear over last 2 years. No issues other then with Elektron. Not a bash post either. The stuff is amazing, but their track record with me is not good. I see posts about upside down buttons and whatnot too. I got buttons on my Digitakt that stick, but not a deal breaker. I like the stuff, but The QC needs to improve VASTLY.


Do you have two avalons in that picture?


I know. I am very surprised.
No issues with any of the Elektrons I bought new (A4, AR, OT, DN). Not discounting your experience at all. It is just the polar opposite of my experience.
So I wondered if a single dealer (perhaps turning over returned units back to customers) was to blame.


Well, Sweetwater is pretty reputable. I’ve just never had such bad luck with stuff. It’s at the point where I’m afraid to take an Elektron out of a box and power it up. But looking forward to the Digitone replacement. The tone on that thing is just unreal and what I’ve been hearing in my head.


FWIW my OT and DN came direct from Elektron in Sweden.

The Analogs came from ProAudioStar


Yep, LOL. Don’t trust them either. Being that support is NON EXISTENT for Abstrakt, I figured I’d get two in case one goes South. Actually I love the boxes so much it freaks me out thinking about being without one. But I’ve had no issues with the green LED one that I’ve had > year and the red LED one is about 1 month old. I had a white one too that I sold to a bud that got bit by the acid bug.


Yeah nice!! I swore off buying synths and don’t even like acid that much but I have GAS hard for them, completely irrational, they just look really nice to work with.


Thing is tits. Super easy unlike a regular 303. Everything is visible. It has gate for steps, 3 slide gates as well, filters and options up the ying yang. The thing has so many knobs and options that it continually surprises me as far as the variation of tones you can get out of it. Then there’s the cards, if you can get your hands on one. I have the SEM and the thing sounds killer. I run them through RATs mostly and melt the paint off the walls.


I use a gate output of a step sequencer with the CV-Delay input of the Lyra … absolutely in sync and delay pattern are possible too.