Your setups



How does the OT MKII sound through the 4-710d ? :smiley:


It’s awesome, with the 4-710d I have enough inputs to always have it and my tape machine plugged in and ready to go. Also makes it super easy to sample guitar and bass, I just use the compressor as an insert in the 4-710d and then some tube break up from the preamp straight into the octa. I love the I 4-710d for the i/o, with my Apollo it’s a killer combo but there are some limitations.



First setup I have seen where the recording gear far outweighs the noise makers.


major setup change…as the music thing isnt going so well…
here is my current setup.

Taylormade M1 driver
Taylormade M1 3 hybrid
Taylormade RSi 5 iron
KZG forged 5,6,7,8 iron
Taylormade RSi 9,P iron/wedge
Vokey 56deg and 60deg wedge
Oddesy One White Hot putter





Added a MicroMonsta to my little rig :slight_smile:


DFAM with bigger knobs looks really good!


Current Techno project setup…

Each to a channel on my mixer. Sounds absolutely incredible.



What are you doing with the ReAmp?


Lyra works really well for dark brooding techno methinks. I found the other day that you can get pretty cool dissonant sequences with the LFO mod on pitch; it just need a bit of trial and error to find a LFO rhythm that works with your track.


What are those additional knobs you have on the DFAM?


Thonk has a kit but it’s out of stock :


@tumulishroomaroom I concur. I absolutely love my set up


I put Pittsburgh Modular small knobs over the plastic shafts. Huge improvement in tactility.


Cheers Guys.


No computer to hook up the Apollo?


I use the reamp and I have a J48 DI for using my guitar pedals as inserts with the 4-7-0D or the octa so the levels are right. I have a deco and blue sky which I love because they can take like level with out me setting up my reamp. I record a lot of guitar bass and drums so it’s awesome for mixing, it’s really fun to automate delay in real time by turning s knob ha.


I don’t think a lot of people know this but you can use the Apollo without a computer. You lose a lot of the Apollo magic but you can actually start with a computer connected set up your channel strip even with unison plug ins and route your outputs and then unplug the computer and it will save that state until you turn it off. This means I can set up some really nice soundin Apollo channel strips, API vision, emt 140 reverb, and whoever else I need. I can then record direct to tape if I routed the outputs to the tape player while the computer was on. So the Apollo is actually really useful if I don’t feel like using a computer at the moment and I want to bounce a project from the octa to tape. My set up really revolves around fexlbility and being able to do what I want to quickly.


Love the Deco.

I’ve always considered a 4-710d as a good first step into serious outboard gear. Would you agree with that or consider something else?

Do you have any examples of the OT through the 710?