Your setups


Good old Presonus FP10 interface… great one!


Recently got a DIgitone. I’m loving my setup now. Octatrack + TR-08 gives me everything the TR-8S can do minus ACB for other Roland drum machines. Off to the sides are the JBL LSR 305s monitors.


I had a similar setup to you and ended up getting an additional ADAT interface and had like 10 inputs being used in total with everything set up. But turns out I didn’t make any music. I decided to slim down to 1 monosynth, Digitakt and some eurorack. Now I’m far more productive. I kept a couple of synths in a cupboard for when the need arises (polysynth for example).


You got a rytm mk2 in a box under your table there?


I generally only focus on a couple of synths at a time for long stretches. The modular rack is a glorified monosynth for basslines. M32 is for for arps. I don’t use the DFAM much.


yep, i love it! i’m a long time monomachinist but i’m slowly weening myself off it because i love the different workflow of the rytm, especially with the newly added sampling functions, and i can only focus on one box at a time



How does the OT MKII sound through the 4-710d ? :smiley:


It’s awesome, with the 4-710d I have enough inputs to always have it and my tape machine plugged in and ready to go. Also makes it super easy to sample guitar and bass, I just use the compressor as an insert in the 4-710d and then some tube break up from the preamp straight into the octa. I love the I 4-710d for the i/o, with my Apollo it’s a killer combo but there are some limitations.



First setup I have seen where the recording gear far outweighs the noise makers.


major setup change…as the music thing isnt going so well…
here is my current setup.

Taylormade M1 driver
Taylormade M1 3 hybrid
Taylormade RSi 5 iron
KZG forged 5,6,7,8 iron
Taylormade RSi 9,P iron/wedge
Vokey 56deg and 60deg wedge
Oddesy One White Hot putter





Added a MicroMonsta to my little rig :slight_smile:


DFAM with bigger knobs looks really good!


Current Techno project setup…

Each to a channel on my mixer. Sounds absolutely incredible.



What are you doing with the ReAmp?


Lyra works really well for dark brooding techno methinks. I found the other day that you can get pretty cool dissonant sequences with the LFO mod on pitch; it just need a bit of trial and error to find a LFO rhythm that works with your track.


What are those additional knobs you have on the DFAM?


Thonk has a kit but it’s out of stock :


@tumulishroomaroom I concur. I absolutely love my set up