Your setups


I love Chimera ! I have since added a Fracture as well and they both are very very good. Both are very versatile, much more than even what the pretty good promo video showcase. They pair extremely well with interesting clock modulators, stuff like the repetitions from Noise Engineering, or any fun rhythm generator. You can get instant ever-shifting hats, long metallic bursts, a riverbed of living noise; whatever you want. It works really well pitched down too.

You can hear a lot of Chimera in this one :


The older model is mono only.


IKEA DIY mic stand :wink:


Also interested in this


Super nice! It’s gonna happen. They stretched sounds have that little bit of granular sound to them, but still sound very “whole”.


Nice work!


happy with how this turned out for now, occasionally i’ll throw an ipad running Patterning in here as well for some freeky circularized beats. i hadn’t touched a microKorg since maybe 2004 but got one for my kid recently but i’ve been making some really buttery patches on it and having fun with the limited modular aspects of it.


Tell me about that tape deck. Also, that Oberheim. How is that?


it’s a Teczon 4x4 four track, that i found at the flea market for $10, not sure the word “DUB” was there originally but whoever put it there painted it really nice. no aux sends or bells or whistles and sounds pretty bad, great for having some tape looped pads in the background of tracks.

the SEM is great, my favorite monosynth, if there were any justice in this world they’d be in every household next to the blender.


oh if you meant the PlaySkool tape player, i just use it for rewinding and fast forwarding tapes because the Teczon doesnt do that. and the microphone works over tapes so you can rap over your favorite albums


Such a shame that there aren’t more state variable filters in home studios.

I’ve been jonesing bad for one of these SEMs and a OB-6.

Cheers, I was asking about the 4x4. :grinning:


OB6 would be the dream!


Hey, what’s the little desktop synth sitting in front of the LXR?


it’s a PAiA FatMan synth i made from a kit but never finished the calibration part so it’s basically a broken out of tune mess of an analog monosynth with a pretty bland filter and disappointing envelopes :frowning:


Good old Presonus FP10 interface… great one!


Recently got a DIgitone. I’m loving my setup now. Octatrack + TR-08 gives me everything the TR-8S can do minus ACB for other Roland drum machines. Off to the sides are the JBL LSR 305s monitors.


I had a similar setup to you and ended up getting an additional ADAT interface and had like 10 inputs being used in total with everything set up. But turns out I didn’t make any music. I decided to slim down to 1 monosynth, Digitakt and some eurorack. Now I’m far more productive. I kept a couple of synths in a cupboard for when the need arises (polysynth for example).


You got a rytm mk2 in a box under your table there?


I generally only focus on a couple of synths at a time for long stretches. The modular rack is a glorified monosynth for basslines. M32 is for for arps. I don’t use the DFAM much.


yep, i love it! i’m a long time monomachinist but i’m slowly weening myself off it because i love the different workflow of the rytm, especially with the newly added sampling functions, and i can only focus on one box at a time