Your setups


That would let me easily route things around every which way, correct? But still couldn’t record more than 12 inputs at a time. That might work, I usually don’t need to record all of those machines at once. Any preferred brands or models?




Swapped out rytm and a4 with m32 and dfam. New live setup worked out ok. These machines are not easily playable under daylight conditions. Almost played “blinded”. Anyway. Fun.

sounds like this:



Thank you for your response. I’ve been looking at the db4 for some additional magic like you’ve explained you use it for. I love the way @DaveMech utilizes his dual digitakt setup with the db4.


Yeah, DaveMech’s demonstration encouraged me to head in that direction.
I’m probably using it to only 50% of its capability but I love the overlap of the machines in my setup, it allows lots of freedom and speed to get things done.



after 15 years of making music in rooms not dedicated for music…finally have my own studio room. has no decor yet but here it is:

gear pictured:

  • technics sl1200
  • rotel phono preamp
  • arturia keystep
  • sh-01a
  • digitakt
  • ableton push
  • presonus audiobox itwo
  • mxl 990
  • jbl lsr305’s
  • sennheiser hd558’s
  • martin custom x series left handed
  • cheap left handed bass


First time I’ve seen an Aira 404 in the wild. Cool!


We’re expecting a baby in October so I sold all of my modular stuff and became a Digitakter instead.
Really enjoying this tiny little “toy”


I’m in similar spot except my son is with us for 3 months now.
I adore working with DT but i would never think of selling my modular :slight_smile: … after all DT needs to be feed with something.


What is that patchbay-thingie on the piano?


Looks like the Patchulator from BoredBrain.


Cool thing as it is stereo capable…


Yes. That’s Patchulator 8000 from BoredBrain. Very cool design and works as mono/stereo patchbay.


wow! beautiful setup!


Tjat thing is really appealing…



Damn GASing


yes :slight_smile: one only for drums and the other one for pxt-live and some maxforlive sequencers


That case is very close to the goal I have for my own case. Can I as about you opinion on the Chimera? Seems like a cool way to get some lively metal in the drums.


Those stands looks an ergonomic dream. Who are they made by?


That mic stand looks like a lamp desk stand. Is it a cannibalised lamp stand?