Your setups


Ooh that is pretty much my dream setup. I’ve got the A4, DT, DN and MD but have started having … thoughts … about an OT. Do you find much use with both the DT and OT together?

I’m imagining them complimenting each other quite well, the DT is so much fun for drums etc but I’d love to be able to create more mangled atmospheric sample based stuff without the computer and the DT isn’t great for this, especially with the lack of stereo.

Also kind of want an 0-coast but I really should stick with what I have for a while!


Hi! well, not really playing together OT and DT… OT I use all the time, you can do so much things with it!..DT just for some beats or working on some sounds. I prefer OT+RYTM couple…I love performance pads and really like the “Kit” system of the analogs…good stuff for live situation or working across different patterns.


Thanks, yeah I wish the kit system was switchable as an option. Sometimes I like the way the Digi do it as it is more immediate and less mental overhead but kits make sense if you are using more than 1 pattern per song.


Oh man, it’s me that has it wrong! I apologize.

Thanks for the follow up, I’ll correct it tonight.


Load kits 1-128 to patterns 1-128 respectively…
Save as template… :smiley:


Ah yeah sorry, I meant the other way round - sometimes on Digitakt/tone it’d be nice to break the kit-pattern coupling


Hey Dave,
would you like to share how you use the AH? From the main outs of the DB4 to the Heat? Thanks man!


haha I don’t think it matters too much in my completely untreated room with flat wood panel walls! Don’t tell anybody I do the majority of my mixing in headphones anyway :smiley:


I’m actually transitioning to a slightly different workflow. Currently I use the AH on the master output indeed. But I originally bought it to compress the master output a little. Now that DT has its own master compressor I’m actually thinking of using the AH on one of the DT’s and use it more as an effect.


Awesome setup. Loving all the OCD labelling - I’d do the same. :wink:


Thanks, I’m a bit of a perfectionist with certain things - if I don’t have stuff labelled and neat I tend to subconsciously avoid using it, its pretty weird :crazy_face: plus it makes it easy to manage and reconfigure especially the patchbays, I couldn’t not have them labelled really.


How did you mount those wooden side panels to the MKII ?


oh… i was able to find out :wink:



Are you happy with the BAM reverb? I just can’t seem to start loving its muffled character.
Then again it’s a decent additional alternative to the BigSky, which sounds too metallish-bright :slight_smile:


Yeah I quite like dark reverbs, and I find that the filters give me enough control over the output to dial in the kind of reverbs I like, but yes it definitely has a vintage character. One thing I discovered recently is how much the input gain can influence the sound, a higher input can make it sound a bit harsher/brighter.


Latest version.

Newest additions:

  • Ultralite MK4 (2018 version with the new ESS Ultra chip and 123dB DAC dnr)
  • iMac i5 Quad w/ USB 3.0 SSD
  • Strict Cable Organization

Resolving to stick with this for the next 3 years.
It can do everything I need and covers all the territory I should wish to cover. Ableton Live 9, Motu’s ultra low round-trip latency, and zero latency Kush + Audio Damage VSTs are really suiting my workflow.

Monologue is something I usually just jam on by itself, and come up with phrases and variations using the internal sequencer and motion lanes , which I sample into the OT or Ableton and build from there. No need to sync it, or have it sequenced by anything else.

My workflow is usually using Digitone as a bi-timbral synth box, sending both timbres hard panned out of each output, into the Motu --> Ableton.
Ableton is MIDI clock master, sending to Digitone, which goes out to OT MKII.
OT MKII MIDI tracks sequence Ableton Drum Racks. (this, I love, thanks to MIDI retrig, and setting up the Drum Racks to visually mimic the OT MKII MIDI track 2 x 4 column layout).
OT Audio Tracks are used for what ever weirdness I can’t achieve with anything aforementioned. Lots of scenes are employed. I have loads of sample chains in there, and not all drums, lots of Future Retro XS, Dinky’s Taiko bleeps and blurps.

Everything goes through the Motu Ultralight MK4, with only 2ms input latency, into Live --> Lots of Kush 458a, Waves API 550b EQ and other fattener VSTs that don’t add latency, some compression, and then out the Ultralite MK4 (another 2ms output latency) to the Genelecs and a KRK 10" subwoofer. The iPad acts as MOTU input level monitor.

Reaktor Blocks still gets used when I want to get all exploratory.

My previous computer was a 2008 Mac Pro and even though it was 8 cores with an SSD, it was just too long in the tooth to do a lot of realtime processing with ultra low latency.


I’m still marveling at 10 years. That’s an impressive run.


Soldering them. Neutrik Plugs, Mogami cable. Best quality, rock solid. Damn expensive that way bit they never let you down.
Or buy at music stores like thomann etc.


Isnt the MOTU awesome!