Your setups


just moved house and new place has a garage suitable for my studio needs so i’m in the process of devising a new set up, dropping this here as point A


What’s that thing against the wall with all the little plastic strips :joy:


the tapes?


Reminds me of this :slightly_smiling_face:


great potential for this space



I think sideways can cause phasing issues and mess with the sterofield, but upside down should work for most monitors.


Nice view of trees out the windows. Always s good thing :wink:


Just a super simple dawless jamming station in my living room :slight_smile:


Lovely stand, did you make it yourself? I’m looking for something similar, a stand that holds a DT and DN at a similar height, so I can have my A4 MK2 below them.


The stand looks very nice where can i get it?


It’s a lovely custom made stand for both units, so that all the cables from the Keystep fit under them. I got it from a small but very fast and friendly company in Germany, you can order the stands here:
Just send him a mail and he’ll get you something done in no time!


Thank you horrrsing :slight_smile:


My setup and also my first post here. Been following this forum for a while now but only recently managed to acquire an account.


Very nice setup 3 Generations of Elektron Boxes :slight_smile:


Sweet. A fellow Yamaha MSP, Octatrack and Reaper user. :+1:

Welcome to the forum.


Thanks! I used to have a bunch of vintage synths and miscellaneous bits & bops, but maybe two years ago I sold 42 pieces of musical equipment and bought 3 Elektrons in their place. Haven’t really looked back. My Polysixes, Mono/Polys and old Ensoniqs were always on the brink of destruction and gigging with them was always really adventurous and too exciting. I wanted something that I can rely on. I made an analogy that I sold 42 Fiats and bought myself 3 Ferraris with the money.


Ha! This side-benefit of reducing gear has definitely not gone unnoticed in my studio. :grinning:


Any chance you’ve gotten OB working with reaper?


Alas, I cannot claim to be freed from the cable mess. Or excess of gear. Two months since my last photo in this thread, I have managed to figure out where everything is going and am in the process of cabling up the gear on the desk. Once done, I will begin to move everything into its proper place and then hang the acoustic panels. Though it’s hard to tell from these photos, I am in the last stages before completion.


Had it working one day for an hour (I only recently bought myself the AK and AR) but then I updated my iMac to a newer one and now OB does not find my synths any more. Hadn’t had the time to look into it. Too much work related stress and this synth haven of blissfull thoughts and peace of mind pictured is away from my home at our studio. I need a free sunday at some point to spend there.