Your setups


aaah. I see. They’re identical though :wink:


Maybe they’re thinking of the poster below you, who has a similar avatar and monitors with LEDs on the inside?


When I finally got all the gear for guitar, I decided to get into synths.

Saw the original Tangerine Dream as well as Jan Hammer live at concerts back in the early ’80’s, thought it’ll be fun to dabble with some of the gear.
It’s a great time for us now and have access to that sort gear with the technology (SW/HW) that has made it so affordable and accessible today.

Yes, a Decksaver. Bought it when it was on sale, still pricey but they protect my studio gear and help with reducing the cleaning/dusting time.

The focus with synths are for ambient. ambient techno, fusion lounge/jazz, chill electronic stuff.



Love that the SH-101 stayed put. What are those MOTU boxes, why four of them?


Yes, crossed posts. I meant to reply to @digitalgeist :slight_smile:


How is the mx-1? Do you have other Aira gear?

I’ve only got a tr8 + minibrute, minilogue, digitakt. Do you think I could still work an mx-1? Looking at that or Zoom R16 or A&H ZED12FX

Edit. NM, just realized it’s a tr8s.


I have an MX-1, AMA.

I really like it. It’s very easy to use, very hands on, and things like the beat synced effects are neat. Its inputs are a bit limited if you don’t have many Aira/Boutique products, I guess, but you can still get quite a few analogue sources into it.

The only drawback for me is that it doesn’t seem to stream the “aux” effects return signal as a separate audio channel into the computer. You get all the other channels, plus the mixed master bus (with the aux return mixed in), but not the aux return on its own.


The monitor being that length away is more of an inconvenience than anything else. I’m still able to see what I’m doing; with the tray pulled out I’m about 50" away from the monitor. I’m about 5’10" so there’s no issues with the height of the desk at all. Actually the only problem is that my desk chair is about 2" too tall to fit perfectly under the keyboard drawer.

With the risers under the feet, the keyboard drawer comes about 25" off the ground. My desk chair’s armrests are about 27" high haha


I was wondering if I got them wrong when I put it all back together, when I looked around I couldn’t find an L or R on them so I winged it haha


Apple does sell a VESA mount kit for iMacs but the big consideration if you go to mount it is the weight of the iMac. First the monitor arm needs to be rated to support the weight and if your desk is ikea pressboard or flimsy and you go to put a monitor arm on it that is a clamp type, the arm could break the desk under the pressure, cracking it where it gets clamped.

A few years ago I installed about 60 Apple Thunderbolt displays in our Graphics department where I work and I’m familiar with how to set them up for desk mounts; you need to have a pretty robust desk because it’s not light stuff.


I got rid of my mixer. Just an added head ache [and i needed the cash.]
So i just have the MOTUs for Ins/Outs.

  • 8A is master [8 in/out] to computer via thunderbolt
  • Ultralite AVB [8 in/out] connected to 8A via ethernet,
    Routes to External FX and monitors. With these together i get 0.9ms latency. Basically none.
  • Microlite for MIDI
  • Ultralite MK1 [my old one], sold my ZZZ ES-8, and use it for CV/Gate to SH-101, and modular when i had some. I would have liked to have kept the ES-8, but $400 vs $100 for the MK1…i opted to sell the ES-8. And besides, the MK1 gets me 4 more in than the ES-8 did and has MIDI. I recommend the Ultralite MK1 as a cheap alternative.

MOTU shit is so solid. I love the setup. Its so stable. And taking the mixer out allows me more tracks [no more summing or seperate takes] and strong signal, less noise. No fucking around setting up levels or bumping shit on the mixer. More importantly…the audio im recording sounds much better since the mixer left.

Additional note: for any neat freaks such as myself…this also seriously reduces cable mess. WAY less wires…its heaven.


3 months rent! I’ve been there. I’m there right now, so I feel you.

But what you still have left is a thoughtful collection of exquisite gear. Enough to rock the house or heal the soul.


fully agree. honestly dont need that much to make a tune. forces creativity as well.

but monetary woes definitely stifle the creative process. :frowning:


Hope you find a way out soon. Been there, more than once. It’s shit


thanks man.
this is my third round of this shit. this time being the longest. and im old. the business im in is kind of agist. im a little doubtful at the mo’.


@phaelam Some of the Motu stuff has deep mixing with all of CueMix available on the front panel. I think the ultralite is one. It’s a decent substitute for me on my Traveler at one rack space and something like 30 inputs. It’s a bit fiddly but surprisingly intuitive once you get to know it.


Wow, thanks for the comprehensive breakdown. Here I find myself synthless and looking to rebuild my studio slowly, these seem really handy. Do you use any of the effects processing on the Ultralight MK1?


I’m under 30 and most of the older people I know who dabble in audio mostly play guitars in bands. It’s great to have old heads in the synth community!


Don’t pretend it’s not the Maker’s Mark sitting up there…:grin:

In all seriousness, I’ve tried my monitors sideways and didn’t like it. Maybe I’ll try them upside down sometime if I’m sitting instead of standing.


The routing possibilities are awesome.
LOVE these boxes. MOTU since i got mixed up in this stuff…Power!


MK1 doesnt have FX, that stuff only came in on the MK3 and onward. But theyre pretty sweet. I prefer dedicated hardware FX if i can.

@Highways ha! Ya no hippy instruments for me! (Kidding)
Ae, AFX, MBM, etc…thats my kinda vibe!