Your setups


Yes. It sounds good on speakers too, but for the full experience you’ll need headphones. Any headphone will do. Not just in ears.


what a nice feeling studio…is that a print or sliding door window?..feels a fitting space for crafting sound etc…introverted cave dwelling is my ideal space. really nice space.


Yeah you’re right, also just the shape of the ear radar itself.
It works both ways, the listener’s ear has shaped the recording and then again the ears of the listener to the recording would affect the signal further. These effects would be minimal but worthy of interest.

Rob Clouth (Vaetxh) speaks extensively on binaural recordings in an interview, I’ll try and find it…


It’s a wallpaper! :slight_smile: An everlasting sunny spring forest.


I just collected a pair in black leather from an office clearance place for £80 each. I’m going to call that a result. Thanks for the info!


From what I read about it, the inner ear canal is of little factor. The ears are silicon and the head is fibreglass and polyester. I casted the ears in with polyester to make it heavier and eliminate resonance. The ears are custom made by this guy: He sells them in white, but I was looking for light grey. You could cast your own ears, but casting silicon is not that easy. It takes some skill to prevent air bubbles.


Wow that’s a great deal!


Been trying to reconfigure my room setup, anyone know any affordable studio furniture (desk) and diffuser panels?


giks acoustics are prettu affordable and really good. they will also help you configure your et up if you send them room dimensions and describe problems you’re having. they helped me out a lot w/my set up in my basement which has a bit of a low ceiling compared to normal ceiling heights. they’r really helpful if you’re on a budget. you can diy panels too if you have the time space and tools. it’s pretty easy. just have to research and get the right materials.

as for a desk… i put something together using tabletops from ikea. they will flex if you put too much weight on them so i built a frame using wood to keep things sturdy. you can slo find good things if you look around at office surplus stores. for the shop i work in we found really high end motorized tables that hold 300 pounds w/new tabletops for $378 delivered. new they cost $2200!


Added an AS-1 and Rubix 44. I think this is the best combination of gear I’ve ever owned, really.


how do you like the rubix? i was thinking about getting the 24


I dig it. The compressors are a nice touch. I’m using it to track 2 stereo channels from my Octatrack in studio mode. I’m typically recording groups of 3 tracks with similar EQ ranges per stereo in. The mild compression really glues together the sounds. Build quality is solid as well.


Someone asked for wider photos.


I now have not only a Dis chair but also the black Vitsoe shelving and a grey painted back wall. This is getting weird.


That is weird :slight_smile:


Did you say that the desk is custom and not part of the Vitsoe system?


Yes. The desktop is custom made by me. The shelving and alu strips are Vitsoe.


Trying to get rid of cables and make everything easier to transport for live performances.


Similar selected gear. My picks since I started getting into synths around 3 yrs ago. A guitarist turned synth enthusiast…:star_struck:

My Gear


They’ll last a lot longer than guitar picks (but maybe not the guitar :joy:) What made you decide on them? I was using Ableton with Operator, Analog, and old drum machine samples, felt limited by CPU with my workflow and wanted to switch to hardware. I went with Elektron for the sequencer.

Is that AK lid from Decksavers? I didn’t realize they were available but I did a google search when I saw you had one. I’ve been using a piece of fabric…

I’m curious what the transition from guitar to synthesizer looks like in terms of genre. Do you make similar music with synthesizers as you did with guitar?