Your setups


yeah, great aesthetic all round with white brick wall as well.
i have some decent photos i have been tempted to get blown up, changes the room atmosphere altogether


yes Pyramid is soo cool with CC modulation and chord modes, the OS has some nice features as well. It really opens up some hardware synths


Its o.k just that its not an OB6 :slight_smile: I’m just more into hardware these days. I’m saving to get an OB6 and a small Eurorack effects chain.


Battery powered movable setup


P12, YES!
Neat set-up, great choice…

You got that shiz on lock…


One battery is enough for that setup??


I’d like to know too about the battery…Which one is it?Can it handle all these machines?How many hours can last?How it handles different voltages?


Virus has battery inside (i put a bank with 5v - 12v converter as well). If anyone looked inside, there is a lot of space. So 12v battery runs P12, Digitakt and Octa. It has 4amps for 12v so it is enough to run 3 of these. P12 is hungry guy so it is around 2 hours for 3 of them at once. If I run Digitakt and Octa only, it is 4-5hours. Any stomp box power cable will work plus 2.1 to 2.5 barrel converters (Octa and Digitakt take 2.5mm barrels). Arturua has the battery on top as you see (double sided adhesive).
Note: P12 says it needs 13.5v but it runs great on 12v.


Here is the battery (note 4amps for 12v):

Connector adapter (you need 3):

There are also connector size adapters.

Regarding power cable:
“8 Daisy Chain For Guitar Effect Pedal Multi-Plug Cable With Cover” - search ebay




I have another 12v battery called PowerAdd which also runs fine:

But I bought it on ebay as open box for $40 or something…


Nice. You guys have impressive setups!


What on Earth is that 303 with the clear case? I’m assuming custom case but what is in it? Looks awesome.


in it theres the din sync re 303 replica kit plus MIDI and cv.

but proud to say it has the original roland ba662 Chip built in, not the Clone.

wouldn’t hear much difference compared to the clone i guess, but the rare chip with the stylish case makes it something very unique compared to my other stuff.


Transparent Acid :+1:t3:


So… window pane, eh?


You stamping it still?


Fun fact, Madlib actually used a fisher price record player to sample tracks for madvillain with MF DOOM. I always wanted one of those


The crème de la crème… :wink:


Up next…
Tomy :joy:
My bro has that SP, I need that!!!