Your setups


Just added the Pyramid… already getting a heap of new sounds out of the MnM with it.

Also, I’m no where near as tidy as the rest of you guys :joy:


What’s that little blue tv thing on the chair in the foreground?


Pretty minimal setup at the moment. I tried to sell the Maschine Jam but no one wanted it. I’m still using it though but I don’t like it so much. The iPad is really useful tho.


It’s an actual old school TV, black & white. Rescued that for Retropie use!


Moog mother 32 on the left side. Digitakt and Machinedrum on the right side.

All setup in the living room…


That chair is awesome! Was just looking for one …would you mind sharing what you paid for it? I’d guess over 600€?


Making “minimal” look phat! :slight_smile:


Nice, it’s a great little box!
Thanks for the info!

Thought it might have been a Fisher Price Oscilloscope or something :joy:


It looks so corny that it’s awesome already as a decorative element :smile:


Yeah it looks great, didn’t know if it was a mini DVD player, a games machine, or some custom 3D printed device.

Talking point for sure :wink:


I payed 750 euros because they had a closing sale. Had my eye on that chair for a couple of years. It’s more comfortable than a Herman Miller Aeron. And better looking :slight_smile: This version is about 1350 euros retail, but they make different ones. They sometimes pop up second hand too.


How do you like the Vitsoe?


Why don’t you like the maschine jam?


It’s a great system and very easy to set up. There is enough separation from the wall for cables, so you can make a very tidy setup. My system is just black shelving attached to the wall with alu strips. I custom made a black core MDF desktop with open back and front storage inside. I hide the cables in the back and store my laptop, harddisks and small items in the front.


More like a synth-forest than a synth-cave! Is that cargo netting?


Heh, now I bought two of those chairs for 120€. But they need to be refurbished… but I love the design! Just what I was looking for.


Cargo netting where? :smiley:

The orange-black thing on the table-shelf is just a cloth, if you mean that? Our studio is at the carpenter shop upstairs so it’s a bit dusty environment. Trying to protect the gear from dust when I’m not using it.


Yeah, I see it now. The pattern loooked dlike cargo netting at first :slight_smile:

This looks like a really comfortable and fun place to make music


wow, love that photo backdrop of forest!


Who said it’s a photo!

Ok - yeah, it’s a photo tapestry, some 4 meters wide. There is actually also a suffed raven outside of picture. The tapestry actually really works wonders for your mood during long winter here beyond the wall.