Your setups


On the bench (celebrating OT arrival pic)

Switching that OTmkII on felt like being 14 again and having belly dances meeting my older sisters’ girlfriends :flushed::heart_eyes:


This is one amazing setup!

That A4 in the back looks so sad though :frowning:


Very nice setup… no monitors, headphones only?


Interesting, why 2 rytms if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve seen double a4s and double OTs but never double rytms


Well its actually pretty simple, i want to use all analog sounds for my drums in that setup so there is no way I can layer analog cowbell and a cymbal,(and anything else that is linked)(no I don’t hate chokes I use them all the time) also I feel like 8 voices is not enough for drums, specially after using machinedrum for a long time I’ve gotten very used to having total of 16 drum voices, in addition since elektron is lacking project manager, it’s the only way for me to organize project since I can midi dump pattern+kit from one rytm to another I can combine my projects into one in easier way, plus sometimes I find one of rytms compressors pushing other sounds out of the way and 2nd rytm helps me make sounds stand out more, plus I like to layer my sounds a lot, I try to keep to the traditional setup of the rytm where BD it’s always BD where SD always SD so having two of each gives me a lot of power another reason is sometimes when I only use one rytm and the other for their individual patterns and kits and I mix and match them, gives me a lot of variation, flexibility and power, plus I believe I was one of first people to own rytm in nyc, I bought the showcase model from b and h, yep one of my rytms is one from b and h video, the reason I know is because it was opened box when I bought it, and when I went back to get warranty for it I found out that they are not coming to the store for another 3 months so they only had 1 to make their video, I couldn’t get warranty for it but I had it almost 3 months earlier then anyone else in nyc, and since I knew the machine inside and out i decided to get 2nd one, this way I could use machinedrum away from my setup as it was the drum machine that was filling in for 2nd rytm when I still didn’t have one.

Sidenote- I got 2nd rytm for half the price of what I paid for my first one during the mk2 madness sell off and in my opinion it was a steal, it still had screen protector on it and it was so new that it made those kind of squckey sounds that new mk1s made until the buttons are broken in :::]

Sidenote- reality is that machinedrum is still my no.1 machine and if I had to pick one elektron for rest of my life I whould not think even for a millisecond and choose machinedrum, I mean sampling, perfect resampling, midi sequencing, parameter locks, control all, song mode, plus the sine wave in it is God mode, also 16 freely assanable lfos, the only downside of machine drum is no conditional trigs+no micro timing(swing steps help but can only go so far)and you can’t save preset sounds, makes sense tho because of the 16 freely assanable lfos but you can always just resample the one shots and use it as a sample.


Never realised the Modor was that big. Always thought it was a lot smaller.

Nice space btw.


Comprehensive answer man, sounds like a fun set up. seen a lot of love for MDs on here lately


I need to get some of these to have my modular higher as I plan to add a smaller skiff in front of it…

Big changes here with the arrival of a new sequencer and the subsequent re-arrangement of the whole case which took me way longer than was intended… Anyway, welcome ER-101 (an soon the 301; at least as soon as the sales re opens… Oh and I also have a Lyra-8 on the way… :exploding_head: )


The handcrafting station.


Just ordered one, thank you for the pointer ! They are indeed quite expensive though, but I really like the fact that you can adjust everything. It should be the perfect solution to raise my modular


Nice. Is that a Tascam? How do you incorporate that? Thinking of getting one…


This is my little setup :wink:


Nice HDR home studio :yum:


Thanks :slight_smile: I don´t like dark chambers :smiley:


X Station! Great synth.


Experimenting with a new live setup. Digitione as the center, moogs for performance and iPad for looping vocals & guitar.

This is how it sounds:


well, here it is…

there’s some more stuff hiding but i don’t know how to put more on the table due to cable management.

no real monitoring as i’m mostly working with headphones, i only sit here when my little baby girl is sleeping.


I’ve been both upgrading my studio and also trying to learn/integrate my new OT and A4. The rest of my space is still a mess so I pushed as much as I could off camera.


What’s the translucent box on the left?


thats a dinsync re-303, really dig the Sound and the look of it