Your setups


The thing about hardware is that it will most likely still be there in 5 years if your hard disk packs up and you forgot to keep a backup and the company that made the plugin has vanished or the plugin is no longer compatible, or you lost the license key, etc etc. "Virtual " synths do not exist in the real world and will never be really yours, you’re just “licensing” the software which can easily vanish or stop working for a variety of reasons… and then of course there’s the issues of working with a mouse such as how it can give you RSI.

But. in terms of sound design I think plugins have now gone beyond what is achievable with hardware unless one spends insane amounts of money…


No regrets. You’ll have a blast!


At the risk of turning this into a HW vs SW shitfest: what if your Octatrack CF card gets corrupted and loses all your work? What if you spill a beer on your Machinedrum mk1 and forgot to backup all your work via sysex and elektron no longer repairs it so it has to go in the trash? etc etc

seems a bit petty to come into a thread and shit on someone’s setup when they’ve found something that’s working for them


Argh, just found out they are on back order!
Oh well, I’ll post pictures when they get in.


Looks like you even have a few operated by feet. Nice


Nope, I was just saying think twice before going down the software route and selling off hardware, that’s all. And it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, even though I quoted someone. Anyway it was off-topic, sorry.


Very nice, I’m putting together a similar setup for guitar. Will post in a week or two.


Nice one, @Francis . Let me know how you get on. I’m going to try and get a couple of videos together soon. It’d be great to share some processes! :ok_hand:t2:


when I’m back home I’m going to start putting it together, will setup a new thread.
the challenge really is deciding what OT2 will do as its so flexible. right now I’m planning to use it as a mixer / sampler:
input a - guitar, to thru machine
input b - superego fed from aux out on infinity looper, to thru machine
input C&D - possible TR8 with channels 1&2 from infinity looper going to external inputs on tr8.
then setting up, to thru or pickup machines

so thats 4 channels - other 4 channels as either neighbours for more fx or flex for grabbing bits and pieces. or a cunning blend of both.


My home setup. Trying to keep the Eurocrack under control with artificial space constraints. :rofl:

I also play live with one of my friends, so about half of the home setup gets reconfigured into a live rig with a MixWizard and some of his gear.



nice setup… how is your master routing?
with AH and the FMR Compressor…



(Sorry HOOOPS thought your question was directed to me, but I’ll nerd out anyway)…we use the RNC for side chain compression – basically send anything we want side chained to the 1/2 buss channel, which has the RNC on the inserts. Sidechain trigger runs off one of the drum machine kick outs. The RNLA is inserted into the master channel and it kind of glues everything together.


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I had to look closely since I’ve changed setups, but this is how my hardware setup routing typically goes:

Digitakt, or some other drum machine I want to use live (MD and AR in the past), goes into the OT’s AB inputs. If you click that picture, the expanded version shows a little bit of red sticking out of the right side, which is an A&H Zed14 mixer. I have the OT plugged into the mixer’s main inserts, and in this case have a chain going from the mixer to the AH -> BIM -> RNLA, before going into the OT’s CD inputs. OT’s cue outs go back to the mixer for resampling.

This setup is primarily for sound design and production… I don’t really use effects on the master since I heavily effect the individual tracks in the OT and let the mixing do the rest. When I’m ready to record or play live I rearrange things as I see fit, but everything goes through the OT (it was only with the arrival of the OT mkII did I realize how flat my music sounds :wink: ).


Got the Octatrack the other day and now playing around with setups so I decided to take a couple of pics. These are assuming I move the hi-hat to my right close to the ride (using a remote hi-hat instead). I’ll probably change this setup a few hundred times before I settle in. Then I’ll change it again :slight_smile: Love using the Launch Control XL to control tracks levels in the OT, though I could see getting a NanoKontrol2 instead and sticking it right under the OT in that empty space on the Keystep.


Op-1, DT and newest additions Dude and 0-coast.
Finally moved to a table set up and loving it.


This looks very similar to my setup. I’ve miked my drums and use triggers in combination with the AR. The main mix goes to the OT for looping and sample mangling.


Thanks for reply… so you don’t use AH or the compressor anymore?

cheers from Berlin


okay… cool…
for what do you use the AH?

thanks cheers from Berlin


I recently began working ITB and have found things more efficient to not use any external processors, but I still use the compressor on individual instruments when playing live or sometimes when tracking.

Pretty sure I’m going to sell the AH… I only like using small amounts of saturation on individual tracks with it, and would just assume use software at this point. I loved it when my setup was all hardware, but with my current workflow it’s not needed.