Your setups


I have grown very tired of the a4 sound so am looking to trade it for something semi modular to liven things up


Just get a synth that tickles your ears and creativity and put that A4 in and complete your triple Elektron stand :stuck_out_tongue: …at least for your updated “Your Setups” pic :slight_smile:


Update of the studio . Got rid of the Blofeld , Dark Energy and Elektribe … and got the two Strymons , Moogerfooger and Drumatix in place… so less synths and more fx. Makes me focus on the AR more which is a good thing both creatively and workflow wise .


Interested to hear how both of these sound


How is the Drumatix? Tempted to get one as it sounds like a cross between a 606 and 808 but the demos on YouTube have a lot of distortion on the kick in particular.


I love it , simple and effective . It does verry little compared to an AR , but it does it so good , tons of vibe . I m using the individual outs and no unwanted distortion here…


How much do those room dividers do for you sound wise? I saw some in ikea and it crossed my mind




Got one for sale in mint condition if you’re interested :grinning:


Use the Analog Four to sequence the modular. Process the modular through the Analog Fours audio inputs.

If I still had a control-voltage driven modular set up, then I’d seriously consider getting either an Analog Four, or a good MIDI-to-CV converter.


Might well be!


Not too complicated a setup all round, really.

I’m using the Octatrack Mk2 as the centre point for sampling/sequencing plus sample playback/mangling to treat it like an instrument. The pedalboard (in its current iteration) is there the magic happens; drones, tones, and loads of looping. There’s a Pigtronix Infinity Looper on a remote board, too, which I am tryin to get MIDI’d up to the Octatrack so I can start playing arrangements properly (see: the same every time!).

I want to get a synth of some kind - maybe a MicroKorg - for some subtle pads (Think Hotel Neon)… I’m not sure what yet, though.


A penny for your thoughts on the Strymon duo?


How’s that Mercury 7?


The BigSky is simply amazing; worth it for the Cloud machine alone. It’s SO versatile, it never leaves my board. I’ve got the TimeLine and Mobus, too, which I swap in as needed.

I love the El Cap for the sound-on-Sound mode. Looping bits that gradually degrade and become a smashed noise is magic! So much texture to the delay.


All three Meris boxes are insanely good. Each has its merits when used alone, but when you combine them… hooweee! They take on a life of their own.

The M7 does ‘Standard’ Reverb very well but it really comes to life when you dial in some overtones and give it a bit of colour.



Worthed every penny of it ! The sound is absolute top level , lots of easy accessable editing options and MIDI !


Although a lot of furniture shown in the picture is from IKEA (i actually work there) the things i have might look like the bekant you linked but is actually much much thicker. I don’t really think those dividers would do much sound wise. I think this one might help a little bit for high frequencies and i like how they look aswell


There it is. Although I do feel the occasional GAS, I don’t think I really need more, everything is covered.

Main use of the computer is Steam. Black Mesa is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


I literally ordered all three yesterday! So pumped!