Your setups


One of the best looking set ups I’ve seen, love it!


Current setup right now. Enjoying the all hardware approach.


What are you recording to?


Right now we aren’t doing a lot of recording with this setup, we are working on new material and just jamming and experimenting. However, we sometimes use a Roland R-26 and take a stereo out of the compressor (which the desk runs into), other times we run into an interface on a laptop (saffire pro) when we live stream which we have started playing about with recently. All quite organic at the moment though! When we come to multi track I suspect we will use OB and our rack mount Saffire Pro.

EDIT - we are obviously mixing the mackie desk (VLZ4-1202) and then running into the compressor to flatten it a bit with those stereo options.


Thanks it awesome set up it took me some time to build but it was worth it




No extra sub at the moment, mixes have been translating very well without one. The bass response on these bad boys is crystal clear and defined compared to my old KRK rockit 5’s!


I have a similar approach. And I am looking at a -budget- compressor for after the mixer (VLZ4-1642). Do you mind sharing what you use?
I have no experience with compressors at all, the FMR Audio RNLA 7239 is still in my shopping cart. Hard to decide with no first hand experience. :man_astronaut:


I have a RNC that I got like 15 or 16 years ago and it is still difficult to imagine that any compressor sounds as good for anywhere remotely near the price of this thing. Still on the original power supply and no issues with intermittent jacks, etc. I run it on the master insert on my 1604 VLZ3.



Adorable setup!


On the subject of compressors, I don’t have one yet but do plan to buy one soonish to run after the mixer as well and I’ll probably go with the Bugbrand stereo compressor. I haven’t heard one in person but it’s supposed to be excellent.


Say Pulsn, what laptop stand are you using on the A4?


I feel like we gotta round up all these cute kids on the thread lately and see what they can do with your crazy powerful yet looks like a toybox rig! :slight_smile:


Oh i have four of those quite old Adam Hall laptop stands. Not sure If they still sell. Those from Thomann seem to be similar:


I play the shit out of it.


Short roundtrip:


Current live setup + guitar with case as table:



some impressions:


Yeah more than happy to discuss. We have an alesis 3632 there currently. It is ok, gets the job done but I want to switch it out with an FMR RNC… did consider the RNLA too. What made you think RNLA? My main issue is the 3632 is a full rack which doesn’t lend itself to transport as well as the RNC stuff. EDIT and obviously the RNC is going to sound miles better if most reviews etc are to be believed.


I had an RNLA for a while, maybe I was using it wrong but it was too clean for my taste. I did a lot of A/B tests at matched volume and literally couldn’t hear the difference at most settings. They hold their value well so no harm trying it out though, lots of folk seem to like it. I much prefer the rotten crushing of the 3630.