Your setups


Don’t run or I’ll start messing with the voodoo doll I have of you on my shelf with all the others… :joy:



Witness the repression inherent in the system!


My beautiful, lonely world


Love this space.


I have starting feeding my TR09 into my digitakt and also using all 8 MIDI tracks on the digitakt to control and sequence the TR09 sounds independently - this lets me use the DT like an extended drum machine - and I can mute TR09 directly from DT, use MIDI LFO’s (eg hi hit decay time for a more organic feel) - and use conditional trigs!


OT arrived today. Very excited about this machine.


Totally, the digitakt is great to pair up with the tr09 or 08!


You should look at midi solutions products. You could potentially split the midi signals to multiple devices. I dont really use my machinedrum for anything other than 16 channels of midi stuffs.


My final setup (for now).
All outputs are routed into the Soundcraft delta 200 and from there into the PC via Motu 828mk2.


Half-of-da-Lab tweener setup at temp room in between living situations…


It’s cool to be proud of your kingdom, but at some point you have to command your troops :smiley:
That is a nice looking kingdom you’ve got there(love that iPad stand)


that hurts my back to look at


Low End Bassline


My set up Wooden Loop Box :package:


Setting up for a nice pic is half the battle!


That’s pretty cool! Is it easy to access that mixer down below or no?


awesome box! but the mixer - how to access it?


The hole in the box :package: it’s accessible and it doesn’t need to be on top taking space so it’s easy everything is layout volume knobs and fader


Yes easy access and no taking space on top