Your setups


I completely believe you, but I’m gonna start saving my money anyway :smiley:


I just clocked this post as well, so, yes.


That’s the fist time I see another Equator D5 user here. :smiley:
I’m guessing you love them as much as I love mine?



Even if I ever “upgrade” I probably won’t sell my D5s. I got them back when they were only 300USD a pair…A PAIR…they beat the pants off 90% of what you can buy off the shelf at Guitar Center. If I ever get into a space big enough to justify them, I’d love to have a pair of D8s.

I went from Rokit 6 G2s to the Equators. Equators made ‘em sound like cheap PA monitors.


do you use an extra sub?


No heat?


Upper right corner


Yet but not in the preferred chain.


Hmmm, looks familiar! We are on to you relic!


heat at the end of the signal chain?


We’ll have a chat with him.


Can you describe the modules you’re using ? I recognize Clouds, but what’s the black ones ?


That UM-880 is a glorious, glorious device! I can’t believe they don’t make it anymore, or anything like it at all.


The one next to Clouds (left) is Beface Rampage, a Maths alternative module


They are all befaco modules with clouds on top. Far left, there is the 4 channel mixer, next to it delay, followed by chopping kinky as distortion. Then ms20 filter clone and rampage for modulation :slight_smile:
There is also an oscillator next to clouds, which goes into delay send for some drone maddness


How do you like the TR-08 (UI, play-ability, feel etc.), compared to the TR-09?


For me, tr08 feels much nicer than tr09. Sound wise i also prefer tr08. The level knobs on 08 are placed in a better way than tr09 i think, so it feels great to bring up drum tracks like that. I also love that you can do 32 step patterns easier on 08 than 09… Also i really dig this old skool programming :slight_smile:


Awesome, I can rebuild that in in VCV rack I think, then get horrible modular lust and built that in the real world…


Ok great ! Nice combo you have here. Is one modulation source with no VCA is enough for processing other gears ?


Help. Help. I am trying to escape from a cult-forum.