Your setups



What is that sequencer controller thing?
Never seen that



Wow just noticed that skin on your A4!! Looks pretty neat


Whats the red box to the left?


asrx pro


How is this thing? I’ve watched the videos and it looks really intuitive, but after reading the manual I couldn’t work out if it had adjustable swing timing. Does it?


i have not been able to find swing yet but im not at the bottom of it. its cool but doesnt have some bells and whistles that you might expect. you can make the loop length so that you can write triplets and that sounds like swing if done right. it doesnt do velocity or cc but i have found a way to use one channel of the sequencer and transform the note output to cc with a midi solutions event processor plus. it very nicely syncs up to my deluge and provides me with a larger view of 32 steps. so far its cool, im not really missing my velocity. it all can be worked around by building a custom sample based kit. id say i love it so far. but then i got it for $500 lol! im not sure i would love it at $1100 or whatever. its built like a fucking tank. i think ill keep it around for a while and slap it on any synth through the deluge, where i can just capture its output if i please! oh and my cc mod will allow me to wobble that bass properly.


Thanks for the info! Certainly does seem like some fundamental things (for me at least) are not included. Good score getting one for $500!


My new setup in our new house. I’ve recently stripped back my equipment. Mostly using OT Mk2, Nord drum 2, and analog heat at the moment. Recording through my ULN-2 and audient connected via ADAT. A nice compact setup that will transport well for gigs


My new modular setup, for drum / percussion. Talk about euroCrack. I’m hooked.

In Australia this setup cost almost exactly the same as a Rytm mk2.



Are these monitors the Genelec 8040a?


Close guess, they are the 8040b model.


Ha ! A nord G2 , still have mine and i could not live without it.


This is what i have been working on lately… really dig this setup!
The modular is purely for FX, no audio generation.
Roland’s go into Digitakt. DT and Rytm go into the OT.
OT cue outputs to into the modular.



Let the wild speculation begin…


haha, i just love that logo :slight_smile:
like a little signature waveform


I also started using the OT as final mixer and Cue/Fx out for a hardware setup. It’s really nice changing the whole mix with one touch of the Xfader.


Yea!!! OT is soooo good at being mixer fx unit :slight_smile: almost better than what it does :fire: