Your setups


@basehead617 Finally someone who doesn’t skimp on acoustics :yum:

For the record I’ve got fuck all treatment :grinning:


Dat Mogue looking so sexy


curious, how much did you spend on treatment?


What’s that mixer you’ve got there?


I’m almost embarrassed to say. I actually hired someone to do a thorough analysis report of the room and recommend treatment. It’s Realacoustix stuff, so pretty high end, kind of like RPG. He does audiophile listening rooms and home theater stuff generally.

There’s 4 of the 47" x 20" x 10" BassBox (corner bass traps), 2 of the 24" by 24" x 4" FAST diffuser/absorber. 2 of the 24" x 48" x 4" FAST diffuser/absorber panels, and 4 of the RealAB 24" x 48" x 4" absorber panels. They’re custom fabriced/colored as well. You can’t see the 24" x 24" ones in that pic, they’re on the ceiling - or the 2 big ones on the back wall. All that was $4800 including shipping and tax.

There’s actually more in the design I didn’t do yet, 8 more ceiling bass traps and a 2nd subwoofer (yes, a 10’ by 10’ room is a huge pain for bass management of the nodes!), but I only wanted to spend this much so far.

I’m sure you can get good results with a cheaper Auralex foam solution.


The mixer is a zoom livetrak L12. It’s ideal for small setups. You can stream 12+2 channels directly to sd-card, but it can also be used as a 14/4 audio interface. The effects are quite good and the mixer is compact to fit on a 19’’ rack - like the JV-1080 in the picture.

My new working process is controlling all the external gear from the MK3 sequencer and recording all channels separately to the livetrak sd-card. All tracks can be later on reworked on a daw if applicable.


@basehead617: Nothing embarrassing about spending money wisely like that, what is embarrassing is spending thousands on gear and nothing on acoustics :smiley:

To my defense I have no space for it atm but I get by thanks to Sonarworks Reference.
You’d not be unwise to look at that for taking care of the rest of your’e acoustic problems.

And no to Auralex foam that shit only works for high frequencies and is a huge waste of money imo.


Under construction…
Acoustic treatment up next!


sort of torn apart atm, some stuff not represented


super cheap here


perfect looking desk! I like it very much. How did you mount the second tier to the main desk? It is from glass, right?



On the Zoom mixer, does the EQ get recorded to the sd card?



The sd card recording is post fader (channels 1-12) and post compressor (channels 1-8). The channels 13/14 are assigned to master fader, which means that recording of them includes all tracks including their mixdown parameters (effects, eqs etc.).

In the current software version it is unfortunately not possible to configure channels as mono/stereo. So 1-8 are fixed as mono and 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 as stereo. Would be great if zoom provides a sw update here. BTW: The roland mx-1 has this option to config channels.

Anyway - it’s a great product for this price point.


Thank you.


Got the same projector, damn fine piece of kit for the cash.


have tape, will stick places. couldnt resist!


Nice, where did you get those posters ?


Hybrid System… some days ago I built up this new setup…

I’m very happy with that… Now I’m waiting for overbridge :slight_smile:


Put my setup up today at a new house, barely hear difference with Sonarworks on or off, amazing sound in here with no acoustic treatment. Timber houses ftw! :smiley:


New house here too, can’t wait to build some soundproofed walls and put up some acoustic treatment!