Your setups



Now that I’m 100% DT, she can have fun with the MP. She we straight to bashing the pads and had the most (unplugged) fun.


Example of a kind of “traditional” upbringing of new electronic artists … :wink:


I got a little Push player too …


Complete modular and first Elektron machine !


:grin: :grin: :grin:


this is what i’m using to record lately. i can’t wait for live 10


I know… But I has been already three times “complete” so far, and every time something wasn’t right. Now I feel its really tailored to what I aim to do with it but of course, we’ll see. The Dgigitakt will however cure me of most sound module “gas” for a while.


This is the live set up I’m rocking here in Eugene OR.


Wow, you are pampering that tb3!


Not a good space for mixing though I’m afraid…


I think this is my best setup to date. Sold my Rytm and bought an OT mk2 with some eurorack percussion including Plonk and Pamela’s New Workout. Just really digging sampling hits from Plonk straight into OT. Plonk is fat and round in low end. Pam can do Euclidean etc so that sits well with a fat kick sampled from Plonk. I can then use either Pyramid or OT or both for sequencing Virus and OB-6. Loving this setup :ok_hand:
I use DIN sync out from Pyramid to Pamela’s New Workout.


I see you have Pams. Just got mine, very cool, thinking of getting Grids too


Yep, I clock everything with it, including the Digitakt and the TB-03. The expander is really good too, rock solid midi/din clock and it frees the main module for more exotic modulations/clocks. I sometimes wish it were more immediate to create good rhythmic gates to trigger enveloppes so I very recently got the Numeric Repetitor by Noise Engineering and it’s really really good. Hands on and instant techno ! It’s similar to Grids, you might check it out too so you can compare. They also have the Zularic Repetitor which is based on African percussion rhythms.


Recently upgraded my mini studio with AH and Keystep.

Digitakt Lemur Template

Changed my setup lately to work with my favorite synths.


Did you ever receive the kordbot?


No, I ended up cancelling my order. I’ve been using a Reface DX as a midi keyboard, and I like it a lot.


I sold my AR/OT in preparation for getting some Mk IIs of some sort, so no Elektron visible here for now, but finally got my acoustic treatment all set…


Whoa! The fabled and much sought-after two room overflow setup! I like. Damn nice gear too.