Your setups


I am a newcomer to music production and synthesis. I’ve only ever heard/played the analog keys and the se-02. With that being said, the se-02 sounds beautiful! It’s warm and thick, and it can get very aggressive and nasty. It’s such a pleasure to hear and play. Owning it makes me want to save up for one of Studio Electronics Boomstar Synths.

The analog keys takes some work and knowledge to get it sounding like the se-02. But maybe the ak isn’t really meant to sound like the Roland.





Soundcloud link? :slight_smile:


I don’t have any recordings online, I’m still in the learning stages of synthesis and production in general. But I hope to create house and techno in the vein of Answer Code Request, Shxcxchcxsh, Kettenkarussell, lowtec, Patricia, Kangding Ray.


Nice setup!
Does the Model 15 app sound as wonderful & analog as people are saying?
Is that an audio interface tucked between your display and right monitor? How do you work it into your mixer setup?


missing from the pic is a gibson sg. my kid isn’t a very good guitarist, but she can wiggle knobs with the best of em


At least you know which monitor is left and which is right :wink:


Model 15 sound amazing, a lot of ‘depth’ to the sound its really quite usable as well. It’s a Motu Ultralite, I have the mixer going into it and the Analog Rytm, I actually use it mostly standalone because my computer is off usually unless I’m recording or doing sound design, which is another way the motu comes into play as it has 8 outs so some of those outs take virtual instruments into the mixer. The mixer itself also functions as an interface so last night I recorded off what I was working on off of it onto the ipad and went and laid on the couch to design more sounds for the piece… handy! I guess another interesting bit about the setup is that all usb midi controllers are running off a raspberry pi and the octatrack serves as a main sequencer.


Thanks for responding!

The MOTU interfaces are incredibly versatile, especially the models with AVB/ethernet.

I have a MOTU 8A accepting the AUX inputs from my mixer and outputting to three effects boxes; I use the iPad/web app for the MOTU to route the inputs to the outputs, sending the audio to the effects box of my choosing. (I guess you could say I’ve made the MOTU into a really expensive, overqualified effects patchbay).

I also use the MOTU as an interface for recording directly into my iPad w/ the camera connection kit. (My preferred daw on iOS is cubasis).

Overall the MOTU interface has been fantastic! Updating the firmware is painless and managing the mixer and I/O routing is fast and intuitive. The iPad app could use an update, but it’s ok for now; the web app is fine.

Is your mixer the SoundCraft 12MTK? Before I bought the A&H Zed24, I was seriously considering the SoundCraft. What do you think of it? Does it send more than a single stereo channel to your iPad?

Lastly, do you have any recordings posted online?


The soundcraft does multitrack to the ipad, or whichever device but only pre fader but that’s mostly ok. I edited my original post to include a link to my soundcloud



Something about that pic is just classic, the look on the face, the pink pacifier, almost color coded backdrop…
That’s who I want to dance to!



It’s just a reel moment. She wanted to test the AK when i just receive it. I explain to her filter and sound she tried :wink:


I envy parents whose children quietly listens to explanations of filter, envelopes and all the other good stuff…my two girls (3,5 and 11) never did…:sigh:…but i love them even without sharing my passion. :wink:

My small table Homestudio:

The synth storage:


How you finding Peak?


I recently started to fill it with my own Patches. This is one of the rare synths that a) Makes it a breeze to start from scratch and b) where every component is so well balanced and integrated that it seems that everything does interact with each other in a really organic way. Arp Odyssey or Prophet 6/OB6 are also that way.
Soundwise it can be organic warm bassy but also quickly bring you into digital territory of a DSI Polyevolver. I really like it! But thats just my taste. Someone else may not be ok with its precise adjustable Sound.




I love seeing the kids on the machines. That’s what’s up. :grinning: