Your setups


That’s like a catalog shot for every modern groove box out now!


Dude, your setup looks insane!


Likable mess that is!


Yet another simple home studio :


Wow, that looks swell!


I see you dressed up nicely T with the Prophet knob upgrade!Nice!
Soon i’ll post my little compact space…Just moved!


Haha, I was about to make the same comment. It’s just… he has like… 200 voices in total!


How awesome is that!


27°F (below 0°C) the last few days. :smiley:


Where do you live again? That’s cool to have the fireplace so close by.


It looks very cozy and inviting…
Kinda like a mix of grandpa’s house and a modern studio, a techno den of sorts… :grinning:


Still tweaking the setup after just recently moving it to another room, but digging the lack of computer focus and ability to adjust monitors to standing or sitting. Most of the rack gear in the corner is going… towards a Matrixbrute and Behringer xr18 (built in sidechaining), as well as some bass traps. Nord Rack currently causing speaker hum whenever switched on. Not sure whats going on there but it sucks as got a few tracks where its key.


Here in CT, USA. About 4-5 months a year it’s cold, January/February it’s in the negatives F which is dangerous with long exposure. The “normal” baseboard heat is great but having a fire to manage lets me step away here and there during a session to think.


Yeah I love it! This house was built in the 60s so there’s a lot of quirks from the time. When we moved in there was an intercom system in every room that could also play AM/FM radio, except the station controls were only in the kitchen. We’ve had to do a lot of repairs and work to the house but it looks like we’re here to stay so it’s worth it. :slight_smile:


Temporarily Elektronless at the moment and loving working with these two! Im kind of waiting see if an AK mkii is announced soon because i think I’d make good use of if it


This thread is like eating a huge bowl of undercooked beans


Why eat a huge bowl of undercooked beans? At least stop after the first bite!



My setup!

Elektron Analog Keys
Roland SE-02
Elektron Analog Rytm
Elektron Octatrack
Elektron Analog Heat
Eventide Space
Eventide TimeFactor
Allen & Heath Zed 24
KRK Rokit 8 G2
iPad Pro 12.9” (2017)


What do you think of the sound of the SE02 (compare to your AK) ?

I ordered one but still not receive it