Your setups

Awesome :sunglasses:. The Live is probably the third coolest thing in that picture. Socks are obviously number one


There’s something very special about that modular that makes me…envious!

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This is life!!!

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-Rytm MkI
-Erica Synths Acid Box III
-Split Channel stereo Modded NES Running MidiNES
-Sega Mega Drive model 1 running New catskull electronics GenMDM
-Gameboy DMG w/ LSDj , nanoloop 1.3 & nanoloop mono
-Gameboy Advance running nanoloop 2
-NotABomb lsdjmc2 sync device
-midi solutions QaudraMIDI box
-MacBook 2011 running Ableton 10 and Renoise 3.2.0
-Scarlet focusrite 6i6 mki audio interface
-and collecting dust in the corner cuz there is no more room is my Commodore64 with SIDFX (DualSID) mod and SD card reader running DefMon tracker with DefMon midi device!


Just started following on IG. I keep hearing the siren call of the Cocoquantus. It seems inevitable that I’ll end up getting one one day.


If I’m not mistaken that’s a Mackie Mix8 in one of the photos, right? If so, I had a quick question for you because I’ve been looking everywhere online and I can’t find the answer.

So I have the Mix5 for some simple audio summing when I’m jamming but it has one annoying quirk where the headphone volume is tethered to the main out volume, meaning I can’t turn the main out to 0 and use the headphone volume independently. My only option is to turn off my monitors connected to the main outs if I wanted to have a headphone session. Does the Mix8 have the same issue? Or are the headphone outs independent from the main outs? Thanks!

This description makes me want it even more!!


Thanks for following :heart_decoration: yeah I was eyeing for one a long time because I was really curious about the coco. Just how it looks and how it sounds. And I was feeling that it would suit me and my music. After the coco, the tetrax and plumbutter followed soon. They are so nice to patch and not that difficult to manage as people think if you have a little bit of synthesis knowledge.


Would you care explaining the routing of this particular setup? What goes into the Coco? What are you feeding into Mood?



Nerdseq for Modulation and some lofi samples, the Instruo vco goes into the coco via a filter, plumbutter into the mood (plum summed to mono, because mood is mono) tetrax into the modular for fx (happy nerding fx aid). Master goes to heat. The nerdseq does some cv to instruo Vco and plum (with euro to banana converter)

The Heat is also my audio interface…


Great Rockers track as well.

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over before it started :slight_smile:

My kind of setup. You don’t need much when you have a computer.

Yep. That’s something I’ve only recently learned after investing in a powerful new computer, and making the move from Logic to Ableton.

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top tip : don’t add an (entire) harddrive to ‘places’ in ableton. It cripples it…
Rather add discrete directories


I believe it can be assigned via control room knob. I’ll double check when I’m back in the room.

Oh, man. That made my day. Fucking hilarious!

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little balcony setup. I just got bunch of loops recorded to rc3 the other day. Now jamming some percussion patterns on top. And the weather! Could not ask for a nicer evening.