Your setups

Color and flavor for days…

Latest addition: Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet


Lovin it. Nice composition with the colors too. :wink:

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Haha :joy:

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I’ve cut down on all my gear over the past few years and instead of having serious GAS issues in the past I now only own the following, also have another 3 items on order.

  • Elektron Digitakt
  • Elektron Digitone
  • MAM MB33
  • Waldorf Pulse 2
  • Waldorf Blofeld
  • Arturia Keystep
  • Korg Kontrol 49

On order:

  • Roland TR8s
  • Roland SH01a (Blue)

Gear coming for sound design:

  • Waldorf Quantum
  • Waldorf STVC

Think this little bunch has me covered, I’m resisting buying any more gear although I might cave on a “Tanzbar 2” :rofl:


I had to look up Louder Than Liftoff – and wow, the Silver Bullet makes the Analog Heat seem like a bargain. I might be able to afford a t-shirt! Can’t wait to hear your impression of the device.

side note: I’ll have a photo to post in this thread soon :smiling_imp::robot:

Thx! I plan to start a separate thread and/or update my Free Mastering post in the next week or so with some initial thoughts once I’ve had a little time with it. Fortunately, I’m getting ready to start a project re-mastering a well established Electro artists back catalog, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to use it.

Analog Heat really is a bargain (IMO). Of course, that’s always greatly subjective and to each his own. For me, these are all just colors, flavors and textures used to taste. In the context of how I’m using them that can be subtle individually, but still greatly influential of the larger picture once assembled.


WhooHOo! new synth day. my Pipe just showed up in the mail!!

Scared the bejeezus out of myself already, too. This thing is insane.


You got the pipe! Woooo!
Good for you, black too, creamy!
Enjoy it!

I ‘won’t ask’ when you ordered it and how long you waited… :wink: But maybe you might feel compelled to offer up such information…

I’m on the list, I’m on that list!!! Can’t wait.

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i was on the very first list after announcement but passed when it came my turn.

about a month ago I ordered one but they were out of the first batch.

It came today and I’m not sure if I was bumped up the list for having been there at first or not…

They are still building the second batch, so it wouldn’t hurt to email them with your excitement!

Super cool. I didn’t know this existed until now!!!


im just spittin’ beats into the octatrack and then I don’t know what to call these other layers. …demons roaring from the other side!


Bought a DN… to hookup to Ableton and play around with. Surfed this site a bunch, and now I have an OT mk2 and Moog Minitaur in a flight case

… you guys suck.


…Welcome to the club

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I’m 3 months deep on the list! Might spin them a message though, got funds reserved for that thing! I can’t wait to see how much gear I can sell after getting hold of it!

Congrats anyway, not a lot of vids on this, but so far it sounds unbelievable, also interested in other sources through it, environments, surfaces, species, marbles in your mouth etc.

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Does this Soma Pipe can be use with line inputs, with other audio material than voice?

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Wow.on my wish list now.gonna put me down on the waiting list. Looks ideal for drones and ambient

Yeah it can, and the special contact mic at the mouthpiece can be swapped too.
It totally passed me by at first until I heard Vlad play it through all the settings and it blew me away, no pun :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Previous setup was very temporary, the new case arrived the next day… and the remaining modules the day after. So here’s the new system :


My Corner!


This is one part of my setup at home…love the Dreadbox boxes (what sound!!!), getting to know the A4 bit by bit. All goes into the Apollo 8 Quad which I also LOVE (I have a bunch of effects on the vocal chain, so the mic on the table does cool weird things that I can sample back into the Digitakt :)). My Kawai MP11, a MicroKorg, Moog Mother 32, Moog Voyager, guitars, amps, a whole bunch of effects pedals, as well as an MPC Studio (which I use for finger drumming / acoustic drumset simulation only) are not in the picture…at the moment I dig this setup - all laid out in front of me - for jamming after work. :slight_smile: