Your setups


I am definitely going to check this out.
I just changed setup and too tired to cable myself into knots.

Awesome Mixed Setup Volume III.

This is the first time in over a decade there’s been no Moog in the mix.
Back then there were 3 Moog’s, now there’s 3 Elektrons.
Laptop going in between the Lead4r and Analog4 (no DAW sequencing, just for Overbridge-Nord-DSI Librarians). Mixer on the left wall. Time will tell if the Lead4r stays, since it’s only advantage over the AK/4 is 4voice 26 note poly, and filter options the Rev2 doesn’t have.


just moved house and new place has a garage suitable for my studio needs so i’m in the process of devising a new set up, dropping this here as point A


What’s that thing against the wall with all the little plastic strips :joy:


the tapes?


Reminds me of this :slightly_smiling_face:


great potential for this space



I think sideways can cause phasing issues and mess with the sterofield, but upside down should work for most monitors.


Nice view of trees out the windows. Always s good thing :wink:


Just a super simple dawless jamming station in my living room :slight_smile:


Lovely stand, did you make it yourself? I’m looking for something similar, a stand that holds a DT and DN at a similar height, so I can have my A4 MK2 below them.


The stand looks very nice where can i get it?


It’s a lovely custom made stand for both units, so that all the cables from the Keystep fit under them. I got it from a small but very fast and friendly company in Germany, you can order the stands here:
Just send him a mail and he’ll get you something done in no time!


Thank you horrrsing :slight_smile:


My setup and also my first post here. Been following this forum for a while now but only recently managed to acquire an account.


Very nice setup 3 Generations of Elektron Boxes :slight_smile:


Sweet. A fellow Yamaha MSP, Octatrack and Reaper user. :+1:

Welcome to the forum.


Thanks! I used to have a bunch of vintage synths and miscellaneous bits & bops, but maybe two years ago I sold 42 pieces of musical equipment and bought 3 Elektrons in their place. Haven’t really looked back. My Polysixes, Mono/Polys and old Ensoniqs were always on the brink of destruction and gigging with them was always really adventurous and too exciting. I wanted something that I can rely on. I made an analogy that I sold 42 Fiats and bought myself 3 Ferraris with the money.


Ha! This side-benefit of reducing gear has definitely not gone unnoticed in my studio. :grinning:


Any chance you’ve gotten OB working with reaper?


Alas, I cannot claim to be freed from the cable mess. Or excess of gear. Two months since my last photo in this thread, I have managed to figure out where everything is going and am in the process of cabling up the gear on the desk. Once done, I will begin to move everything into its proper place and then hang the acoustic panels. Though it’s hard to tell from these photos, I am in the last stages before completion.