Your setups

Recently got an Octatrack and packed up the Push. Not looking back.


New dirty trinity rig WIP

Any suggestions as on how to wire up it all? I am having hard time deciding…

Probably want to connect the keyboard to the A4 for some multimap goodness, but what about the audios? everything to the OT and to the heat from there? Or connect everything to the A4, lose stereo but gaining chorus and no AD/DA’s?


Thats the spirit!


+1 for standing

I 'm just much more actively into my music flow when I’m standing. My gf tells me she likes how I shake my butt when I’m working :smiley: (yes my studio is in the living room).


In the past I spent far too much time sitting, and ended up nearly crippled…

Time to get some acoustic treatment now instead of another synth :confused:

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No virus?

That’s going to be part of my second setup. I plan on pairing the Virus TI2 desktop with either the Digitakt or the Digitone.

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I think audiowise the best trinity idea I’ve seen is the patchbay case @juansolo came up with. It’s inspired me to make my own spin off


I still like that idea.
Would definitely make some changes.
1/8" jacks, some stereo if possible.
A couple more inches in the back for cables, and also making enough room on top to be more of a shelf.
And some way to angle it up at times, but in a way that works on a keyboard stand.

That does look kinda neat, but the order of the trinity is all wrong! rytm always goes to the left :diddly:

On a more serious note, I,m not much of a solderer, so any DIY patchbays are out of the question… Think I’d be best off if I connect the analogs to the OT, and go to the heat from there, I will get a bit of latency but at least everything will be resamplable, something I want to get fluent with in any case, esp. for live, transition tricks etc will effectively double the analogs in a way so it has to be the best option at this point.

For midi I run my keyboard into the OT and the OT drives and distribute midi thru the others.
For audio I like running the AR and A4 into the OT. I love the OT’s effects/scenes, especially when stacked using neighbor machines.
This leave the A4’s inputs open for adding monosynths or vocals, which provides A4’s effects.
I haven’t found a use for the AR’s inputs.
If I had a AH, I would put it on the CUE out’s of the OT, that way I could send the A4 or the AR or both.
I keep toying with the idea of running a couple of choked tracks out of the AR individually and run them through some effects pedals.

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I added an Adam & Hall power supply / conditioner to my rack. I had trouble with my cheap power sockets and fuses in my appartment so I decided to spend 119€ in order to have a decent solution. The PCL 10 has eight IEC plugs on the back and a little usb lamp. I connected my computer and audio interface directly and my old power sockets. As a side effect my mac Mini is not producing background noises anymore. So, best upgrade for 2018 so far!


Thanks for the suggestions. The AH is my masterbus ”sweetener” so will not need a cue. I have a ”set and forget” preset for it that I tweak in soundcheck etc to shape my lowend to the venue, that’s about all it needs to do really (in this context).

Good idea about using the A4 inputs for any vox! I like the delay, reverb and chorus on the A4, IMO they are the best in their class from all of the elektrons I own. Also if I use em, it means I can record the vox separately into OB, assuming I ever feel the need. Which I think I actually might… this might also turn out to be a great rehearsal / song demo sketch / jam rig :wink:

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How do you connect your old power sockets to the Adam hall? Need any adaptor? I’m in a similar situation

-> 5€

Just got myself a new computer and purchased some small controllers for ableton, very satisfied with how everything is at the moment. Only thing is since switching to a new computer and being able to run several instances of serum and sylenth it is hard to justify keeping the analog four and other synths :o


If you don’t gig with your hardware, and don’t get relevant inspiration from your physical synths you got a point.

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I have grown very tired of the a4 sound so am looking to trade it for something semi modular to liven things up

Just get a synth that tickles your ears and creativity and put that A4 in and complete your triple Elektron stand :stuck_out_tongue: …at least for your updated “Your Setups” pic :slight_smile: