Your setups [ 10k Archive]

Thanks!–crazy, right? My dad was a scientist who drafted all his own really precise graphs and figures by hand, and he liked to do this kind of crazy stuff for fun. He also did a full bedsheet-sized panel from the Egyptian book of the dead that he stained with varnish to make it look like papyrus. Sadly, I wasn’t able to rescue that one…


New Apartment. New Wall of Joy:)


That’s one fancy sandwich toaster (to the right), I bet that does a good ham and cheese toasty.


I thought it was a waffle iron! I guess you learn something every day!


I’ve sold a shit load of gear to help pay the bills this year and still have bucket loads on storage but I’ve been pretty productive with this little lot.


That’s a lovely space.

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That’s great looking. What Shelving unit is that you’re using here?


Nice! A black Waldorf Microwave XT! Very rare! Have Not seen the XT for a while now. I Wonder where all those Waldorfs went…also the Q…

And then a Jomox Xbase special Edition too! Wow.

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I miss my XTk every day. I would LOVE to get another some day.

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S/h prices are very high…

It‘s a Transrotor ZET1 and you‘re right: I loved the Design when I bought it about 12 Years ago. Wouldn‘t by it again for the Design but still think it it very nice looking and sounding (!). Prices doubled since I bought it so it was still a very good decision to go for it:)

Very pleasing to the eye. Plus Untrue, The Epic and Mellon Collie - solid choices!


Thank you! I really think it turned out better than I hoped for:)

It is the IKEA Elvari System. You can configurate it very flexibel for your own needs.

There‘s a little Home Office Workspace at the backside:

One more angle:


Thanks! I really like it too:)

As you might have guessed: The hardest choice was to choose the right records to display in the beginning. But i guess that will be a work in progress with Untrue as the one too stay:)


Your place looks really nice! One suggestion for the workspace in the niche: get the cables under the table and the PSU as well - it triggers my ocd :upside_down_face: - is that your wife’s desk?

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Problem is: The Table is mounted to the wall so i would have to remove it from the wall to put the cables under. It is on my to do list but not at one of the urgent spots:)

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Yep, that would have been the hardest thing for me too :slight_smile: enjoy your new space!

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Yeah. All the blacks. The XT was kind of by accident… Got it from a friend who had the XTK and couldn’t justify both. The SExbase was on purpose though


Awesome. Thanks for the info. Looks like i have some planning to do since i have a small studio setup myself. This looks like it’s time to upgrade the closet where my gear is set up.

Really looks great.