Your questions for Inside Elektron: Panel Talk event at Elektron Studios Berlin

Either use a midi cable or use usb and overbridge.
Usb is a little more stable I feel.
Ymmv as I do this w/ my digitakt. But I don’t see why you couldn’t set it up.

Nobody asked about this? :sad:

I have been there and had the feeling, that there were many “technical” questions which seemed to have some kind of criticism in mind. For example “why no feature xxx on this machine” or “why so many bugs” etc.
In terms of their product strategy and product quality, the elektron people were very well prepared for these kind of questions and gave the “official” answers that you would expect… In my opinion, this part of the talk was very boring!

However, I really liked to get some insight into the workflow at the elektron headquarters, to hear how meetings are done and to get to know the background of the people who are working there a bit more. I felt that they were honest with their answers on these questions while they couldn’t be when it came down to design decisions.

Very interesting for me was the short introduction of trackers which were used to program sound on old amiga systems. They said how much it influenced them in their youth and laid the foundation for many design choices for example of the octatrack. This video was mentioned during the discussion and by watching it, you really get the idea that the octatrack is a modern tracker in a box:


The critical Whyohwhynotthis questions are probably from the German music Press or members from the german A majority of ppl there have a plain hate for Elektron. Lets say grumpy old men that have forgotten the rules for a civilised discussion

oThe grumpy old men in that forum are mostly busy discussing their vintage gear, posting pics etc. :wink:
Also vintage chairs :grin:
The why-x-and-not-y-on-z usually gets stirred up by much younger people.
At least that‘s how I perceive it.

Its not only them. owner Mr. “Tyrell” is a grumpy old men and praises Behringer, but really dislikes Elektron.

I thought Tyrell likes his Rytm^^

There was a time when Amazona posted pretty much everything that was announced/leaked or somehow surfaced on the net about/by Behringer.
They went pretty much nuts imho, but acknowledged it was too much and went back to normal mode.

Anyways, I really haven’t noticed he disliked Elektron.
Cheers to vintage chairs and back pain! :slight_smile:

Elektron, are you going to take care of your Octatrack users? The machine is not discontinued and it has some bugs and improvable things that wouldn´t take so much effort to do…


The event is already over.

I just saw it.

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I didn´t notice that it has become less. One reason why i stopped looking there and on other german places. It´s just hilarious.

Now that I’ve seen some pics and vids I’d like to ask: are you allowed to wear anything other than black in the elekton offices? :grin:


Would someone be so kind as to post a link to the video?


I don’t think it’s available yet, just saw some clips on IG.

Was there any information from this meeting to share?

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There probably is, but it is also summer vacation season. So maybe it might take a little while.

Live report here:

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Just wondering if there is any news on the video from this :slight_smile:


Are you planning to release a video? As I see it was filmed.


Seconded. It would be lovely to see the whole thing one day. I’d even read the transcripts if that doc existed haha