Your Profile Picture - The story behind


Montreal :+1:


Great documentary although it does paint James as a bit of a tit who just uses people for his own gain.
When you look back at the press photos from the first UNKLE album you can see the daggers in DJ Shadows eyes.


I forgot to say where my profile photo comes from.
It’s a stock shot taken from a Space/Technology/Future stock photography CD (from before there was istock and shutterstock online) that I’d found at a previous job in their archive. I used this and other photos for releases online as stme and used for CD covers too.
It’s a crop of a larger shot where the guy is standing beside a moonlander.


Mine is the eye of a butterfly. The photo as been made with a scanning electron microscope. Long time ago when i choose my name for gigs, i choose Elena Cortes (i’m a man, but at this time there was no girls on stage for electronic music, so i though that it was a good choice to be enlighted on the flyers :wink: and for the visual art i choose a lot of this kind of photo because the video that occurs during my gig were microworld kind of natural and organic ambiance.

So, i took a lot of these pictures on the web and pass them through photoshop with always the same color process, so i obtain a kind of graphic chart (blue cold purple).

Since i keep it.