Your preferred non303 synths/filters for 303 type sounds?

The seq gets some wicked bends like this, just wiggle that finger.
Turning 7 steps off is also good for full step recording.

another vote for the venerable MS-20 filter here.

The Moog M-32 can do some cool acid stuff.

also just got an M.I Ripples filter for the old eurocrack set-up - that seems like it could do some acidic damage… Must investigate further…


Ripples is beautiful.
People say it‘s very Roland SH sounding
Never owned a real SH synth so can‘t comment, but I loved the sound of ripples


Electribe 2 (synth) at the moment.

in particular, E2 has very cool emulation of MS-20 filter, i often prefer it to „Acid“ (303-like) filter emulation due to stronger resonance.

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The MS20 in the right setting can be very acid

i like it on this guy‘s jams a lot

very afx


My fav synth for acid lines lately has been the Shruthi with SMR4MK2 filter.
Sounds more 101 than 303 ofc, the SMR4 filter was meant to replace the filter boards for IR3109 ics (afaik the IR3109 ic was in the 101), but it just sounds soo lovely. Especially in tandem with my AK.
One day, I’ll do the Sound Designer Mod. From the demos, that’s pretty much acid heaven.

What else? Volca Bass (slides lovely!), Monotribe (awesome filter + audio range lfo) and FM synths! Usually FM8 with midi control of the algo matrix.

Imho it depends. For some rolandish sounds, I definately prefer filter 2, for some filter 1.
Then there’s also resonance boost for filter 1.

At first dialing in rolandish sounds on my AK turned out more difficult than I thought, though.
Could be because I was using mostly filter 1 at first, dunno. It certainly took me quite a while!
Using macros definitely helps. Also visualising what the synth I’d want to emulate has in terms of synth architecture and on board controls, how the signal flow is and what it doesn’t have and then restricting myself is a good starting point.

Never had a Moog, what’s the difference?

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Older Moog stuff used fixed rate so longer distance between key means longer time for the glide while 303 used fixed time, so longer distance slides have the feeling of moving quickly. Obviously lots of synths used both these but for some reason my brain categorizes them as moog or 303 style glides.


Thanks for reminding me, I need to reload that!

That’s a great patch! Thanks again for making and sharing that! :slight_smile:

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The A4/AK make excellent acid sequencers for CV gear like the MS20, you can use the note slides, and for accent use a CV envelope or LFO or whatever else takes your fancy. Highly recommended fun.


DSI Evolver does a pretty good impression.

Didn’t know this patch. Sounds spot on to me!

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I’m about to finish my first track using the MAM MB33 and I gotta day it’s pretty damn amazing!!!

I got the circuit Bent model from CircuitbendersUK extremely affordable compared to a real 303 or an Avalon.

Will post the track once mixed but so far I’m obsessed with how good it sounds.

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Made a remix for Hardfloor. Used a Bass Station 2 to remake the original acid riff, and the HF boys did not notice :smile:


Heres some Moogy Acid sounds from an EP I did a while back (All synth sounds done with Moog Sub 37)


Microvolt 3900 sounds brilliant with 303 style bass lines. Proper shakes the room. Can sound a lot like a SH101 depending on the settings. Also has distortion effect built in too.

For glide I think you probably need a cv gate sequencer with that feature. I have a Nerdseq.

BassStation 2 can get nice and squelchy. Cheap money second hand too. In fact I’ve teamed it up with some pedals and coaxed some great lead sounds out of it too. Although it’s hardly unknown I’d say it’s a bit of a sleeper and does a lot more than just bass sounds.

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edit: post is in wrong thread. whoopsy daisy.

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The intro and synth work is actually sexy. It almost sounds like some funky Nick Martinelli “Loose Ends” stuff from the cool part of the 80s, for the first minute and that bridge. I wish my Minitaur could do that.

Edit: Just finished the entire track and I forgot we were talking about acid. It ended too soon, like a party. :triumph:

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Thank you!