Your plans for 2023?

As we’re one week away from saying farewell to 2022, what are your plans for 2023?

As for me…

  • Get my studio space up and running (paint the walls etc.)
  • Focus on the gear I already have. If I end up getting something new, I also have to sell something (dollar in, dollar out).
  • Take a couple months off work to focus on music in the autumn (I’ve been putting money on the side for this for about two years now)
  • Make at least one EP or album for each of my two electronic projects. One of them will probably be a Rytm-only release.
  • Maybe play live a couple of times, small local events.
  • Have fun doing all this

Other stuff:

  • Spend less time on the internet
  • Get back to regular exercise (gym, running)
  • Continue learning a new language
  • Sleep more
  • Have fun doing all this

Not the first time I’m writing down some of these things but I’ve always felt New Year is the best time for me to change things around (sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much).

Anyway, whatever plans you have, wish everyone a happy and successful 2023! And if you don’t ”succeed”, hope you have fun trying!


My plan is to continue my bulletin journal.


Hope that all your plans will get the “Hannibal Smith” seal of Approval.
The most important being the last one of course.

My plans for 2023 is to not make plans.
That way I might have a chance to succeed at something.

Cheers !

Edit : I might try again to become a powerful wizard and find a way to supress salsa for good.


I’m going to get a new MBP. I’m also debating switching from Reaper to Logic to better integrate with a couple of my buddies work flow.

Might relocate for work (not my choice) to a state/city with lower quality of life but it better be a huge pay bump.

I would like to quit drinking coffee/caffeine.

Maybe update the old wardrobe but I hate shopping.

Play/perform a gig would be cool.

Make better music videos.

More diving and swimming too.

  • Healing my tendon issues and getting my keys chops back.

  • Finishing the mix on my third album

  • Figure out a live setup and play a show for the first time


This was an effective life change for me! I have so much more energy in the mornings, and I sleep better. I wish I weren’t caffeine sensitive. Why do you want to?

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I feel like I need to know more, do you want to suppress salsa the food, or eradicate the style of dance from existence?


Master all the new gear I bought in 2022.
Succeed in no gear 2023 challenge.
Produce more good tracks toward my first album.
Play out live.


I plan to abandon stream-based platforms, spend more time making drones, record said drones onto tape, recording more music to tape in general.

I haven’t been making much music in the last 2 years. I hope to change that in 23 whilst enjoying myself in the process. Sometimes I forget that I like music


Main goals for 2023 in no particular order:

Go to the ocean once a month (it’s 2 hours away)

Release more music than in 2022

Get my health sorted well enough to get back to skateboarding

Hike more than 2022


I’ll be going back to space.


I’d never dare to interfere in people’s taste in food.


Same reasons. I quit a number of years back for like 5 years and I recall the energy and better sleep quality I had then. I miss it.


just postponing my 2022 plans that were not realized due to war here in Ukraine.
however, humans adapt to anything, even to war.


These two things changed the course of my life quite literally. I needed a new laptop and picked up a M1 MBP. It came with an education bundle for not too much more, since I decided to go back to school later in life.

Part of the education bundle is Logic. Well since I have Logic, might as well get my first synth. Which was a DFAM.


So far my list of things to get done is pretty short…

Reduce my debt to the absolute bare minimum

Better work/life/self-care balance

No new gear software or otherwise

Run another half marathon

Cycle another century (if I get the time) 6hrs is a big ask nowadays :sweat_smile:


Get back into coding full time again. I love working in the client facing it world, but heavily miss creating and fixing real issues.

Focus on the label more, so we can expand our list of signed artists. Might also work on funding for stronger marketing campaigns per release.

Step away from deejaying. Cataloging music and prepping for gigs has really taken away from time that could be spent writing and finishing tracks. The joy being in front of the crowd does not even touch the joy of getting a finished project out into the world.


Artwise: duck out from music(at the very least instrumental music) and work with more communicative and “direct” conveying of ideas

Finish my screenplay and have a screenplay in my lap that I’m not sure what I’ll do with it
Sell the screenplay or collect a lot of gold and make the movie myself
Get a new job
Make some sort of website that has artistic value
Drink less
Smoke less
Exercise and generally become a more disciplined person.


Try and get my work life balance in control. I think it’s going to be insane untill March but hopefully I’ll be able to get it back under control after that.

Get back into running. The above work insanity has resulted in my running being virtually non existent. I’m booked in for a half marathon in March so that’s some good motivation.

I don’t want to buy any more hardware other than maybe a Launchpad and I’m planning to sell a couple of bits though I’m not in a rush to do so. I’m planning to focus most of my effort on Bitwig.

I’d like to keep making tracks, and entering competitions on here.


Not drinking is the backbone of my 2023 plans. I’m not outright saying it’s gone full stop, but I have at least 6 months in mind. There’s a handful of days after that where I might have a drink or 2. I’ll also be planning a Wedding, which might happen late 23, in which case that would be such an occasion.

I worked out my spending on buying Whisky (single malt bottles), general beers, and vaping, is at the conservative end of the scale… £2400 a year. So hopefully I can pay off some credit card debt and feel a bit more comfortable if I stick to my plans.

Gear-wise - nothing in at all until I have saved for the majority of my Pulsar-23. Once I get £500 a way I might spread that over 3 months if the finances are okay.
In the short to medium-term I want to figure out mapping Maschine MK3 properly to Live so I get some more control and freedom over arranging things, and I want to continue learning modular synthesis through VCV rack. And generally just enjoy making music more.
Definitely no more fucking plugins. Unless it’s from Fors.

Enjoy my new Niece when I can. Keep Meditating daily. Read as close to daily as I can. Enjoy life :slight_smile:
Enjoy life