Your music on new podcast "We Are Time Travelers (WATT)"

Dear Elektronauts :3lektron: :3lektron: :3lektron:

a few days ago i launched a new podcast called “we are time travelers” (WATT).
With this podcast I have the intention to invite artists to do a(n experimental) jam session on their machines.
It’s not bounded by genre of any kind of form :alien:
I had this idea because regarding to myself I always find great pleasure in jamming without actually ever finishing a track :ecstatic:
during these jam session (alone or with partner(s) ) magic can happen. And when it’s recorded why not make it public?
So… WATT0001 is my own work, but I’m excited for the next podcasts presenting experimentions of fellow gearfreaks!
insta: wearetimetravelers


right up my alley that approach. Sounds good so far too. Best of luck with it :slight_smile:

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:ecstatic: Thank you

Are you requesting recordings?

You may send your recording to
:smiley_cat: thank you in advance

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Nice! I’ll hit record next time I’m “mucking about” :smiley: