Your modulars

Please share your modular projet!
ModularGrid friendly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
What module do you use?
What do you plan to get?

A very GASy topic…


I start small:

SH808 (my first modular)
A Pittsburgh Modular Cell [48] with:
-Intellijel Atlantis I (SH101 clone)
-Mutable Instruments Peaks (808 kick and snare, envelops, lfo…)

Compact for live and terribly fun when sequenced with the A4.

Here’s mine:

Doing a DIY Moog Minimoog Filter (Yusynth) in a few days…

Ooh, what is your opinion on the Cylonix Shapeshifter?

I’ve stuck with Pittsburgh Modular only in a futile attempt to keep GAS under control.

EDIT: The empty space on the top tier is for future purchases of Timerunner, DNA Symbiotic Waves and Envelope.

Just scaled down to a small Make Noise system to complement my AR+A4+Minibrute setup. The pressure points make it an instrument in its own right. Love it.

Here is mine:

Need another case, currently have one module that doesn’t fit.

Just got the Analog Keys and it is a great combination.

Nice system, really want a shapeshifter in my next case.

This is my baby.

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Shapeshifter is wicked btw.
Mine is breeding fast - started with just a braids a couple of months back…
Still have lots planned, gonna build over the next year - am placing them in rack mounted hek cases so I can pull apart and make into smaller standalones for live use easily, though may build a nice diy case over the summer.
Next on list;
Spring reverb
divide by n
vc slew limiter
mod sources
pitch shifter

lets face it, there is no end to this list XD
Oh and of course controlled by the AK and ms20 - a beautiful pairing.

Wow, didn’t know about it…Pressure points are just awesome modules!

posted an older pic of mine in the setup thread a few days ago, but here is mine in its current state:

disting is off to England for warranty repair; saving money for an Erbe Verbe to finish it off.

My Mothership

at Night:


how is edges? I fancy adding some unnashamedly digital chiptune-ness at some point…

how is edges? I fancy adding some unnashamedly digital chiptune-ness at some point…[/quote]
I like it. more on the nes melody side for me as I don’t get the pwm that close into dirty SID territory. works very well with arps and it’s nice to have these poly/unison possibillities in one module. You’ll definately have to think about something like yarns or hexinverter midi2cv, tho as you play it poly most of the time

Here’s mine, well it will be when I get another case big enough to squeeze it all in :slight_smile:

Do I spot a MD in the background? … how do you use her? any benefits for using a MD compared to xyz ? thnaks

Snap, looking at the Monorocket MX104, expensive but I’ll get good money if I sell my Eastwick, It’s mint :slight_smile:

A lot of mixing capability in there but with all the effects I guess you need it.
Looks like a pretty mental rig.