Your Favourite Podcasts


Art + Music + Technology this week features @CarlMikaelBjork

Great show, @darwingrosse !


Lots of good ones already mentioned, so I’ll say only one.

The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson

It’s exceptionally good!


Mine would have to be the BBC “In Our Time” podcast, though all my friends think its too dry


Following this thread. Many of my favourites already mentioned. I would add:

Waking Up with Sam Harris.

It gets dark and controversial, but after stewing in discussions about big problems in the world, I’m grateful to pop my head into communities like this, focused on music-making and passion for art. We’re on to something very important. Keep watering the right plants, fellow 'nauts!


That was indeed a pleasure. Thanks for shining a bit of light on it, Peter!


I quite enjoy the one about someone’s dad having found a creative outlet by writing adult fiction. Each week, a chapter is read and discussed by the participants and I find it hilarious. It’s not appropriate if you have english speaking kids in the car, though.


I dig ATP and Startalk, other than that I’ve never really listened to much else or had anything stick. I don’t really have long commutes or anything I need to get through, and when I’m listening it’s usually tunes. Will have to suss out a few recommendations here at some stage though. I’ve wound up as a bit of a YouTube whore these days with it on my TV and everything, and I’ll mainly tune into Chillhop or Dubtechno live podcasts in a regular basis. I’ve kinda got my blinkers on for everything else, for ages I just watched every episode of The Camera Store TV’s show about digital cameras :slight_smile:


Hopefully it’ll be interesting. If it isn’t, there not much I can do.



One of my favorite podcasts is made by Edmx / DMX Krew, 2008-2012. He is going through music (very differing genres, but mostly electronic) which inspired him and giving funny and excellent comments, while informing on his and the music‘s background history. It is about 26 episodes a +1h and can be painfully downloaded episode by episode here


Twenty Thousand Hertz, a short and gentle introduction to various sound-related phenomena: