Your Favourite Podcasts

As there’s such a wide variety of tastes and styles here, I was wondering if anyone cared to share any podcasts they regularly listen to?

Currently on my regularly listening list are:
Deep House Cat -
Jaytech Music -
Silk Royal Showcase -

(all of these are available on iTunes as well)


Once a month Surgeon kills it with a great selection of tunes…

Great site all round…

Seattle collage radio…

Some more techno!

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Cool, thanks for the links, just had a quick look at the Surgeon mixes to start with and reckon I’ll be giving those a monthly listen as well :slight_smile:

I recently discovered SongExploder, which is short but good. I’m a year behind, so I only just got to Episode 15 in which Brian Reitzell uses a Machinedrum as a MIDI sequencer on a track.

I also listen to [b]Art + Music + Technology[/b], and in a similar vein [url=“”]The Distillery, by Elektronauts forum members darwingrosse and botstein respectively.

More recommendations, especially for interview-style rather than mixtape-like podcasts, please!


Those look like wonderful programs. Listening to the SongExploder episode with The National at the moment.

[li]Laidback Radio. All kinds of genres on the downbeat and leftfield. If you’re familiar with Gilles Peterson, this is in a similar space. It’s a radio station also has “episodes” created for SoundCloud and similar services.[/li]
[li]22Tracks. One of my favorites. Shows are playlists of 22 songs curated by DJs. Tons of shows broken down by genre. If you create an account, there’s a great interface that automatically playlists all the new songs from shows you’ve favorited since your last listen. More focused on the downbeat, but they have everything: rock, pop, etc.[/li]

Hessle show on Rinse - weekly Thursdays on the radio. Comes up on the rinse soundcloud shortly after. podcast
Resident advisor & resident advisor’s exchange
Beats in Space
Mary Anne Hobb’s BBC 6music recommends - weekly Wednesdays at midnight. Then available on iplayer
Various shows from NTS radio

Sorry for lack of links. Posting on my phone, so tricky to do,

i’ll chime in with the one i’ve been following for a while now and probably known by others as well: Sonicstate
it’s a weekly one, every wednesday with livestream and then available as an audio podcast/yt video
there’s also a live chat during the show (IRC anyone!? :smiley: ) and covers lots of interesting subjects with various guests. i recommend it. oh, and whilst i’m at it, jjjoiin us on Elektron’s IRC channel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: peace

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Tim Sweeny’s Beats In Space guest mixes are usually pretty great:

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(podcast as in a true show or dj mix broadcast?)

Slam radio
SSS podcast
Smoke machine
Secret thirteen
free form freakout
radio fenriz ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I forgot to add Waveform City: again, an interview show, which is my preferred format.

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The latest A+M+T (episode 100b) has a nice description by Darwin Grosse of his thoughts about and use of the Octatrack. The entire 2 hours of the episode is well worth listening to.

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I love this ambient series curated by Datassette. And it actually works with aiding concentration. Great while reading or doing stuff around the house.

Music possessing these qualities can often provide just the right amount of interest to occupy the parts of your brain that would otherwise be left free to wander and lead to distraction during your work.

Many good ones on littlewhiteearbuds … you might hurry, the editor [url=“”]said recently he’s discontinuing the site and who knows how long it will remain active.

Check out the latest episode of Art + Music + Technology by @darwingrosse:

It’s an interview with Ross Lamond,
with shout-outs to Elektron stalwarts @darenager and @tIB.


Interview is my favorite format as well.

Fresh Air
Corner Office
How I Built This
Here’s The Thing

Other favorites:
99% invisible
Reply All
Stuff You Should Know
Planet Money
On The Media

I am kind of a talk podcast junkie.

  1. Radiolab!
  2. Democracy Now
  3. The Higherside Chats
  4. The Pele Report
  5. Loafers Glory - Utah Phillips
  6. This American Life
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Going to plug my own cassette-based underground and experimental music podcast, Norelco Mori.


Duncan Trussel’s family hour is changing my worldview and added 103 books to my readinglist so far. So that is my current personal favorite! You need to love life, be open-minded and have a sense of humor or this will not be your cup 'o tea.


Ted, Yeah what’s happening with my favorite podcast by the way? You busy or what?

AGB is the shit too:

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I go through podcasts like a thing that is known for going through a lot of other things goes through the things that it is known for going through (e.g. fish and socks). My list is long, but here are a bunch of my favorites:

Top recommendations
More Perfect
This American life
Snap Judgement
Serial (both seasons)
Reply All
Science Vs.
Love and Radio
Here Be Monsters.
The Memory Palace
(Honestly, anything put out by NPR, Gimlet Media, or Radiotopia)
Missing Richard Simmons
Common Sense
Welcome to Nightvale
Alice isn’t Dead
Malcolm Gladwell’s revisionist history

The B team (also worth looking at, but a bit more niche, or straight up nerdy)
Data Skeptic (data science methods)
Brookings Cafeteria and 5 on 45 (both are politics & policy analysis)
The Canon (debates about movies)
Tanis & The Black Tapes (weird fiction)
Decode D.C. (More politics and current events)
Transistor (science stories)
Random Tape (cancelled, but cool stuff in the archive)
Nature (selections from the journal Nature)
Knifepoint Horror (well written, always scary)

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