Your Digitone setup


I am and I would say DN is great, you don’t really need to know about FM to get awesome sounds as you can simply shape basic waveforms with harm parameter, filters, envelope, lfo’s, etc.

Of course you’ll need to learn some basic stuff to get more confident, get full DN power and cook better sounds but I’m really happy with it althought it’s my first FM synth and I’m a FM noob.

My setup is:
-MIDI: DT > DN > Micromonsta
-SOUND: DT > out
Micromonsta > DN > out

This way Micromonsta gets DN fx and in mixer it’s like 1 channel for “beats & samples” & another one for “pure synths”.


Ok, thanks. That’s very useful advise.

I’m thinking Model:Samples into some kind of synth with an audio input, and then into the Heat from there. And that’s it.

Since I can get pretty far with the Model, I don’t much want or need lots of extra tracks, channels or stuff. Something that relieves the Model from bass duties and perhaps a lead or so, would be enough.

EDIT: I guess, since the no nonsense approach of the Model:Samples appeals to me so much, I don’t want to stray from that by adding a substantially more complex instrument, even if it’s one made of awesome.


I’m doing this also with Digitakt / Digitone combo and Digitone’s 4 tracks are perfect to get this and much more as it’s bass & leads are great.

Yesterday, for example, I created a liquid d&b reese-type bass combining 2 tracks and filled the other 2 with a lead and a kind of bell arp, on the other side Digitakt kept breaks rolling and left some extra tracks for chopping breaks and other sample fun.

Digitone stacking sounds is great.


Ah, very cool. I’ll swing by the store this week and give this Digitone a try, then. Thanks for the help, it’s much appreciated.


That would be a great plan for tons of fun. Digitone is the most interesting and inspiring synth I’ve owned. It couples the immediacy of Digitakt with what seems like unlimited possibilities of sounds. It can do drums/lead/bass/weird/atmosphere. Run it through the Heat and there’s an undeniable magic, in my opinion. Take it slow though, if you’re having fun with M:S, then keep having fun with that. The other stuff will be there when you need it.


Yep, I’m sticking to the Model and Heat for now. It takes me plenty far and with no other options around, other ideas emerge as a result.


Hey, how do you go about hooking up pedals to digitone and krk speakers?

Digitone Melodic Ambient with Meris Polymoon

This might be better asked elsewhere. I’ll just pop it into a thread where you better get the answers you seek.


I just received my Digitone earlier today, and it’s sitting on an IKEA ISBERGET stand (seems appropriate).

I also have a Novation Circuit, a Circuit Mono Station and an Akai MPC Live.

Quite frankly, the Digitone sounds so SO good and I’m so rapidly “getting it” with the Elektron workflow that my original intent to do some integration with one or more other devices is now out the window.

In fact, I think my MPC is going to be up for sale very, very soon. Even after just a few hours with the Digitone, the idea of starting up the MPC and having to deal with all that clunky DAW-like workflow to get arguably more sterile output is making me feel physically ill.

Did I mention the Digitone sounds SO GOOD?

For a few minutes, I did MIDI-sync with the Circuit Mono and try them together. There’s some potential there, and for now I’ll leave it sitting next to the Digitakt on another ISBERGET, but the “classic” Circuit with the Nova synths from 2006 is back in its box for the moment. They can’t come close to touching the INCREDIBLE sounds of this FM monster.

And the drums, oh the DRUMS!!! Who needs drum samples? Not me anymore.

To answer your question more directly, initially I’m not running the Digitone with a single other thing, and if I can get some fresh material cranked out quickly enough, I intend to start doing live performances with just the Digitone by next week.


Get a basic mixer (Behringer eurorack, Mackie VLZ, etc), run the Digitone into a stereo channel. Put your pedals on the FX sends on the mixer. Output of mixer runs to your monitors.


Awesome, I figured this would be the answer… just felt the need to ask, I tried hooking up my particle pedal and I couldn’t figure it out lol :upside_down_face:
One more thing, is there a way to use pedals to effect one track on digitone as opposed to all 4 at once?



Kind of. If you wanted to do it properly you could use a Digitone Keys or run Overbridge with an audio interface that has multiple outputs, but that will cost you. If you just wanted to affect one channel, you would plug the left and right outputs of the Digitone into two mono channels on your mixer, one of which is sending to your pedal. Pan the sound you want to affect to the right, and the other sounds all the way to the left. You will lose control over the stereo image but you will be able to individually affect one track at a time, and get some interesting results by p-locking or modulating pan parameters.


Your setup is downright sexy and don’t let anybody tell you any different.


Yoo, this is super helpful… thank you