Your Digitone setup


Love the Quadraverb.

That empty 1u is calling out for a Midiverb II…


Yeah one punch man sticker!!!
Best anime ever … don’t know why they stopped at the 2nd season ?!


I had a Midiverb II and sold it to buy the Quadraverb…doh :drooling_face:

I’ve actually really wanted to purchase a Korg TR rack for that spot for quite some time. I made that custom 2U rack awhile ago, it works so well for my setup. Plus it hides some wires!


Only use a PC to upload files, good times, sweet easy setup. Digitone controls 404(mostly guitar patterns) via midi and record the performance into a loop pedal, then back to 404 for jamming and upload.


Hard to beat that Bloom preset :slight_smile:

I almost picked up a TR also, but took a chance on a Wavestation A/D with issues that a local store also had. Needed a battery and backlight, easy fix to be good as new.


I eventually want something that has traditional samples of Piano, Horns, Strings, etc…(Korg TR rack, Motif Rack, Roland JV 2080) Though I’ve run out of inputs on my mixer, so I’d have to get creative with the inputs. Probably use my Access Virus C inputs.


What do you use as a stand for the yamaha mixer? I have the same and while compact, it’s eating too much space on my tiny tiny desk…


It’s an adjustable mesh laptop stand.

Can’t find the same exact one, but they’re all pretty much the same. They work great! Just make sure you check dimensions to see if it’s the right fit. Also, make sure it has a lip on the bottom so your mixer doesn’t slide off of it!


Neat ! Thanks !


using it to sequence the jupiter 8 via one of the miditracks and the behringer model D also




My DN set up as it currently stands. I mix & match the effects (running from the FX send of the mixer) and have an EQD Avalanche Run and Strymon TimeLine that I’ll run in the stereo out path from the DN. I’ll loop bits and mangle them with the outboard effects; the 856 to Zellersasn is MIDI’d to the DN for sync’d recording/playback and easier access to the critical controls (gain on each part for one!)

I’d really like to get another synth to compliment the DN but am a bit spoiled for choice at the moment! Something like a Moog Sub Phatty would be lush but pricy; the new Korg Minilogue XD also looks tasty and has enough different from the DN to be a good compliment. Then there’s the 0-Coast and that new Behringer semi-mod lookin’ thing, too… Choice!


College apartment setup. Just graduated.


Nice kit. ‘Just graduated’ means ‘never going to be able to afford all that gear again’…? LOL


This is me



Is that a little Roland recorder you’ve got hooked up? How’s that working out? I was looking at getting one for work… and not work!


nope, that’s Korg KP2S actually. It works as a recorder as well, but it’s mainly a small fx unit with a x/y pad on it. I’m not using it with the setup actually as I don’t think the output from DT/DN sounds very good through it.


Digitone only arrived at the back end of last week, but totally in love with it already. Spent all weekend stuck to it. This is my setup now - all keepers.


I’m looking at a synth to go with my Model:Samples, enjoying the direct and immediate approach of the Model. I’ve had my share with behemoths and now, I’m going for the stripped-down but great sounding kind of gear.

I’m looking at Digitone, since the four track limit actually fits me perfectly.

However, I know zero about FM synthesis. What’s the threshold for getting something useful out of Digitone, if you’re an FM idiot like me?

I’m staying away from the A4 because of all the tons of things it can do, for reference. I’ve had one, loved it then, won’t go back just because I need maybe 10% of its features, and the remaining 90% would distract me.